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Episode Guide

Episode 1 — La Ronge Lake Trout
Chef Moe Mathieu uses local ingredients in his Saskatchewan restaurants. In the fall, he travels to Lac La Ronge where he harvests wild rice, chanterelle mushrooms, blueberries, and rosehips. Returning in the dead of winter, he nets lake trout, whitefish, and burbot through the ice.

Episode 2 — Passamaquoddy Bay Shellfish
Swiss Chef Chris Aerni’s Rossmount Inn Restaurant changes its menu on a daily basis to accommodate the freshest ingredients land and sea has to offer. Chris dives for scallops in New Brunswick’s Passamaquoddy Bay. He collects fiddleheads, samphire greens, cattail hearts, clams, and periwinkle snails.

Episode 3 — Qu’appelle Valley Mule Deer
“Sioux Chef,” Dickie Yuzicapi, creates modern variations on traditional Aboriginal cooking. In summer and fall trips through Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley, he hunts a mule deer and rabbit. He combines these with gathered sage, chokecherries, and rosehips, which he serves to a few local friends.

Episode 4 — Kananaskis Ring-necked Pheasant
Chef Michael Dekker’s Calgary restaurant Rouge, is world-renowned for using sustainable ingredients. He visits family friends on a ranch in Kananaskis to hunt ring-necked pheasant. He combines the bird with thistle root and greens, saskatoon, kinnikinnick, and bear berries.

Episode 5 — Newfoundland Moose
Newfoundland’s Jeremy Charles enjoys a hunt with family friends near his grandfather’s hometown. There, they kill a moose, a partridge, and gather wild berries. The meal is served for his friends; fishermen who sustain themselves on little more than local wild and gardened ingredients.

Episode 6 — Vancouver Island Dungeness Crab
Sinclair Philip’s Sooke Harbour House, on Vancouver Island, features an edible landscape of over 200 herbs, greens, flowers, and vegetables. Chef Robin Jackson and restaurateur / forager Sinclair Philip search the area’s seashore, forests, and rivers for salmon, crab, crayfish, seaweed, and mushrooms.