underEXPOSED | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — Meeting Up
We meet adventure sports photographer, Mason Mashon and writer, Tannis Baradziej. Both of them have plenty of experience, but Tannis is new to action adventure sports writing. In the premiere episode they meet four-time world surfing champion, Lisa Anderson during the Roxy Champ Camp in Tofino, BC.

Episode 2 — The Coastal Crew
Mason and Tannis team up with Mason’s mountain bike film-making buddies the “Coastal Crew” on BC’s Sunshine Coast for some mountain bike action. An opportunity to sell the story to Mountain Life magazine is there, but can Tannis lock it down?

Episode 3 — Old Meets New
Veteran action sports photographer, Mark Gallup, take Mason under his wing at stunning Island Lake Lodge Resort. Meanwhile, Tannis is forced to take a timeout.

Episode 4 — Sisters
Mason and Tannis meet sisters, Meghann and Spencer O’Brien. One is a talented rider who retired from her sport to pursue her love of Aboriginal weaving, the other, an X Games medalists on track for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

Episode 5 — Kookum
We meet Jordan Demeulemeester, one of underEXPOSED’s own. He gives Tannis an inside look into a highly successful program, the First Nations Snowboard Team. And the whole gang goes on a moose hunt with Kookum.

Episode 6 — Surf Immersion
Mason and Tannis travel to Turtle Bay resort in Oahu, where Mason learns to shoot from one of the world’s best surf photographers, Brian Bielmann. Meanwhile Tannis digs deeper into Polynesian history and goes on the hunt for chocolate.

Episode 7 — Best in Show
Mason is in his own backyard revisiting the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival, the event that launched his career as a pro photographer. Tannis meets an inspiring young local snowboarder.

Episode 8 — Learning the Ropes
Tannis and Mason travel to world-class climbing and fishing destination, Squamish BC. Tensions rise as Tannis has the jump on Mason in the climbing world, but Mason soon uses his newfound skills to capture an epic shot.

Episode 9 — Salmon Derby
Mason and Tannis face off in beautiful Haida Gwaii with their very own fishing derby. They also meet talented local artists and discover everything the stunning island has to offer.

Episode 10 — Wild Isle
West Coast Expeditions treats the crew to some unreal kayaking and Naked Bikes on Quadra Island brings new meaning to underEXPOSED.

Episode 11 — Big Lines
We meet well-known pro skier KC Deane, who as it turns out, is also fearless on a bike. Tannis is starting to have some doubts about her ability to make it in the action sports world.

Episode 12 — Heating Up
The mercury rises as Tannis and Mason see the sights of Williams Lake courtesy of world class rider James Doerfling. Caribou Chilcotin Jet boats might help beat the heat.

Episode 13 — Separate Ways
The crew is shuttled to untouched riding areas of the Kamloops Lake, but Tannis sees herself setting off on a different ship altogether.