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About The Other Side

APTN Binge Block on Saturday, May 25

Sit back and enjoy six back-to-back episodes of The Other Side starting at noon.

  • aptn e at 12:00pm et
  • aptn w at 12:00pm mt
  • aptn n at 12:00pm ct
  • aptn hd at 12:00pm et

Spirits walk among us. As Indigenous people we know and accept this. But whether they are playful or shy, or angry and violent, they are here for a reason. Intuitive Jeff Richards, Paranormal Investigator Michaella Shannon, and Aboriginal Elder and Spirit Guide Tom Charles are on a mission to find out why. Using intuition, ceremony, technology, and sheer nerves, the team engages spirits and humans alike with the hope that both will find peace. The Other Side is an innovative examination of spirits, our fears and beliefs. Sometimes frightening, often emotional, always exciting.