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Season 2

Episode 1 — Hello, America

Davis Durham is the anchor of the evening national news. He and his wife, Michelle, are old friends of William’s from his days in AA. Michelle tells William that she is dying of ovarian cancer—and her illness has driven Davis back to using. She wants William to get her husband clean before she dies, and then administer the morphine that she needs to cope with the final days of her illness. While William struggles with this painful situation, his former sponsor, Pauline Kmec, encourages him to give the program another chance.

Guest Stars: Whoopi Goldberg, Gary Cole

Episode 2 — The Perfectionist
A young woman from a traditional Indian family is hooked on meth and pregnant out of wedlock. Her mother seeks William’s help, but the father is opposed to outside intervention in this private family matter. As the young woman’s wedding to a close family friend nears, William must keep her from succumbing to her addictions—both to drugs and to the ex-boyfriend who got her hooked in the first place.

Episode 3 — Last American Casualty

Major Larry Duren, a longtime friend of William’s father whose job is to notify the families of military casualties, recently delivered word to an alcoholic father of his son’s passing. Now he wants William to help the father overcome his addiction. However, William’s father wants William to help Duren himself, also a heavy drinker. Both William and Duren know that the Major is too far gone and is going to die from his disease. While William struggles to repair the lives of the dead soldier’s father and his remaining son, he finds himself unable to stand by and watch Duren die. And when Ben comes to spend the week with his father,William struggles with exposing his son to his work.

Guest Star: Raymond J. Barry

Episode 4 — Does Everybody Have a Drink?

The son and manager of longtime kitsch act—and alcoholics—Bernie and Lola wants William to clean up his parents. William must combat Bernie and Lola’s distaste for their son’s choice of a fiancée, as well as their codependent relationship. Soon it becomes clear that they will not get sober as long as they are together. Meanwhile, William and Akani butt heads over how to handle an addicted rock star who is about to go on tour.

Guest Stars: Shirley Jones, Mia Kirschner, Noah Bean

Episode 5 — The Things We Didn’t Plan

William and his team set out to help the people who have no one to go to bat for them. William tries to help an addicted police officer facing review from Internal Affairs—and harboring a dark secret. Swenton aids an alcoholic man and his high-functioning 10-year-old daughter, while Akani tries to convince a homeless addict that getting clean is worth the effort.

Guest Star: Lori Petty

Episode 6 — Split Ends
A wealthy Pasadena woman hires William to track down her drug-addicted twin sister before the reading of their father’s will. William discovers that the twins’ seemingly divergent lives might be leading them to the exact same place. Meanwhile, William’s old surfing buddy, Greg, arrives for a surprise visit and complicates the case even further.

Episode 7 — An Ordinary Man

Hospital administrators call on William after a nurse collapses in the O.R. William finds himself going head-to-head with a genius transplant surgeon who contends that his addiction makes him a better doctor. Meanwhile, Melissa takes in the nurse’s son while she detoxes, awakening old issues.

Guest Stars: Chip Esten and Rebecca Gayheart

Episode 8 — The Turtle and the Butterfly

In the wake of a meth lab explosion, William and his crew travel to the desert, where a desperate mother hopes to save her son from his debt to a big-time dealer. In this town fuelled by the meth industry, they discover a corrupt police force and a boy sold into a life of drug-running.

Guest Stars: Whoopi Goldberg, Christine Lahti

Episode 9 — Path of Least Resistance

When a young man relapses into his drug habit, his mother—who wrote a bestselling book about their struggles—calls upon William. As he races to locate the missing boy, William realizes that the woman failed to reveal an important fact about her son.

Guest Star: Julia Campbell

Episode 10 — Cinderella
When William finds out that Lula’s idol, a gifted ballerina, is a junkie, he forces her into detox. He discovers that the rising star’s habit is hiding potentially crippling spinal injuries. As the ballerina is forced to choose between her dreams and her life, William learns that drug use is common at Lula’s studio, and faces his own cruel dilemma: remove Lula from the studio and end her dreams, or leave her in danger?

Episode 11 — Standing Eight

When William is hired to clean Bobby Carmichael, a prize fighter, he discovers the boxer’s siren wife, Angie, is also using. William wants to help, but the jealous Bobby won’t let him near her. As Swenton learns the family’s nanny isn’t as innocent as she appears, William ignores Bobby and gets Angie into detox. But when an irate, relapsing Bobby comes calling, William realizes he’s picked a fight he may not win.

Guest Stars: Henry Simmons, Paola Turbay, Sarah Carter, Jack McGee, and Greg Germann

Episode 12 — Crossing the Threshold

When an undercover NARC and a Mexican mafia princess come to William for help, the girl’s notorious father threatens to harm William’s family if he doesn’t stay away from her. Everything changes when William learns the NARC is in possession of stolen drugs, on the run from a dirty cop who wants them for himself.

Guest Star: Will Estes

Episode 13 — Trick Candles

As William tries to finalize a bid on a new house, he is forced to babysit Henry, a relapsing client, until he can get him into rehab the next morning. But when Henry learns his wife plans to divorce him, he drags William on a manic chase across L.A. to find the one thing that will win his wife back: her diamond ring, sold to pay for drugs. William loses the house, but realizes it’s a second chance with Melissa.

Guest Stars: Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Lewis, Annabeth Gurwitch, Gary Cole, Michael Beach