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Season 1

Episode 1 — Pilot
William tries to help Zach, a once-promising high school athlete who has fallen victim to meth addiction. William’s efforts reveal a family fractured in the wake of a father’s death, as well as an underground drug-fencing operation that he must crack. While he fights to save Zach, William finds himself helpless to do anything for his best friend, Mickey, a former addict whose own demons have become overwhelming.

Episode 2 — Chaos Theory
A mathematics professor, in a race against time to publish his research, turns to cocaine. His colleague and girlfriend seeks William’s help. William must nab the professor before he loses everything—his career, his personal life, even the diner owned by his immigrant parents. Meanwhile, William’s son finds a used needle in their house after a dinner party. William is devastated to realize that the needle belongs to his former sponsor and faces the difficult decision to cut the man out of his life.

Episode 3 — Rag Dolls
The mother of a teenage surfer girl comes to William about her daughter, who exhibits signs of a drug habit—except her drug tests keep coming up clean. William, driven to investigate, discovers that the girl and her friend are drug mules, transporting heroin over the U.S.-Mexico border. When part of their load goes missing, William races to grab the girls before an angry drug dealer does. He realizes that the missing bag of heroin is still inside his target—making her body a ticking time bomb.

Episode 4 — Meet The Joneses
A suburban husband comes to William, seeking help for his wife, who is caught in the throes of an OxyContin addiction. William and his team discover that the woman is not only using Oxy—she is part of an elaborate suburban drug ring. William’s crew works to cut off the group’s supply lines to force the woman into treatment. But when she grows desperate to feed her addiction, how far will she go?

Episode 5 — Let it Ride
The wife of a renowned horse jockey seeks out William. Her husband, who has used the ADD medication Adderall for years in order to make weight, has been exhibiting hostile, frenetic behaviour of late. William maneuvers the jockey into treatment, but he breaks out in a violent episode and heads for the track. William realizes that he is fighting the man’s addiction to his sport as much to drugs. In a bittersweet turn, the jockey rides and wins, only to collapse and die moments afterward. William must accept that not every addict can be saved.

Episode 6 — Here Comes the Broom
A teenage boy asks for William’s help with his father, who went to prison as a result of William’s past efforts. The man, now out, is using meth again. William and his team go undercover in a biker gang and discover that their mark is part of a heavy-duty meth ring. As he deals with this fractured father-son relationship, William must cope with the reality that his own son is pulling away from him.

Episode 7 — To Catch a Fed
An FBI agent strong-arms William into searching for her former partner, who developed a drug addiction while deep undercover on a case. William and crew infiltrate a “tent city” of meth manufacturers to find the man, who is delusional and dangerous. Only then does William realize that the FBI agent lied to him: the man is not only her ex-partner, but the father of her unborn child—and a pawn in a larger power struggle within the FBI.

Episode 8 — House of Pain
The principal of a prestigious prep school, who is also an old friend of William’s, asks for his help with a troubled student: a talented basketball player who is now “speedballing” heroin and prescription drugs. William and his team encounter resistance from the boy’s blue-collar father, while the young man, in the throes of addiction, steals from a nursing home patient and engages in increasingly reckless behaviour. William realizes that this young man, reeling from his mother’s suicide, is determined not only to feed his addiction, but to die.

Episode 9 — The Eleventh Hour
An unsuccessful intervention drives a heroin-addled woman onto the streets. Her sister hires William, but the girls’ mother does not trust his methods. She retains the original interventionist, who considers William, with his unorthodox approach to addiction, to be little more than a thug. Forced to question what he does and why he does it, William races to find the addict before she succumbs to her addiction.

Episode 10 — Rebecca
Rebecca, a gifted teenage pianist, has turned to meth to cope with the pressures in her life. Her father, who has been reluctantly supporting her habit out of fear of losing her, requests William’s help. William and his team face an unexpected challenge in Rebecca’s mother, whose control issues have influenced her daughter’s neuroses. As Rebecca spirals out of control—“dating” a 50-year-old man for drug money and stealing from neighbors—William realizes that, in order to save her, he must first heal her family.

Episode 11 — Back to One
Lisa moved to Los Angeles years ago with dreams of becoming an actress, but thus far, all she has managed is a steady career as an extra. When her visiting brother discovers the depth of Lisa’s cocaine problem, he enlists William. He learns that Lisa has been supporting her habit via a credit card scheme and moves to grab her, only to have her finally land a role that could be her break. Meanwhile, Swenton goes missing, and Akani, fearing the worst, races to locate him.

Episode 12 — Five Little Words
William brings Swenton into the Banks home to detox, determined to save him from the fate that Mickey suffered. Meanwhile, Akani and Darnell take on a case from drug dealer Gaza Rashburg. They infiltrate his daughter’s sorority house, where Akani discovers that the girl is severely bulimic, while Darnell harbors a personal vendetta against Rashburg.

Episode 13 — Lie With Me
Neil and Shelly have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful home, successful careers—and dangerous addictions to alcohol. Neil’s father comes to William, concerned for his granddaughter’s safety. William and his team make a risky play—posing as Child Protective Services to remove the little girl from the house and scare Neil and Shelly straight. Can they get clean together, or will the price of sobriety be their marriage?