The Candy Show | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 Tied Up Tied Down
Candy Palmater swings high above the crowd with silks aerialist Caitlan Anthony, and enjoys a little “Afternoon Delight” with singer-songwriter Melissa Girvan.

Episode 2 It’s a Dog’s Life
Join Candy Palmater with rockers Stone Mary as they shred it; and Hoop dancer Samantha Lewis performs, accompanied by Eastern Eagle.

Episode 3 Is the Grass Greener?
Candy Palmater rocks out on the bass with country sensation Neon Highway who are “Headin’ Down to Memphis.” Candy performs with the Human Pyramid.

Episode 4 Hurry Up and Weight
Candy Palmater joins burlesque performer Cadence MacMichael with some risqué gyrations; and Lone Cloud performs “Trail of Broken”.

Episode 5 Come on Baby Light my Fire
Candy Palmater cranks up the heat with fire performer Scarlett Sparks, and rockers Broken Ohms bring us a little more “Candy.”

Episode 6 Skin Deep
Candy Palmater gets inked by tattoo artist Amber Thorpe and checks out some more cool body art. Candy speaks with international guitar-god, Don Ross, after his performance of “Michael Michael Michael”.