Samaqan Water Stories | Season 3


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Season 3

Episode 1 — Without Running Water
Even today many First Nation communities are faced with living without running water in their homes. Visit St. Theresa Point in Manitoba to see how they are providing clean drinking water to their communities.

Episode 2 — Without Running Water pt2
Families in Island Lake, Manitoba struggle without running water. The challenges include raising healthy children, keeping their homes clean and water delivery systems.

Episode 3 — Kitigan Zibi Waters
Kitigan Zibi, formerly known as Maniwaki, P.Q, has had its fair share of boiled water advisories. Hear how this Algonquin nation beat the odds and developed a water treatment plant that stopped the frequency of boiling their water.

Episode 4 — Kanawake Waters
Another community struggles with their water issues and have grown tired of boiled water advisories. See how Kanawake, home of the Mohawk nation living right by the St. Lawrence Seaway, is handling this serious on-going problem.

Episode 5 — Kanawake Waters pt2
The Mohawk are resilient and show an affinity to water with a long history of athleticism. In part two of the Kanawake community’s issue with water problems, we talk to Olympic athletes Waneek Horn Miller and Alwyn Morris to give us a unique perspective of their connection to water.

Episode 6 — Paddle to Squaxin
The annual canoe journey along the Pacific coast of British Columbia is a major summer event that has grown in numbers over the years. In this episode we meet Arvid Charlie, canoe builder and captain of the canoe family of the Cowichan tribe.

Episode 7 — Nala Winds
Nala Winds is a young canoe family from Bella Bella who takes part in the annual canoe journey. They are featured in this episode as they launch their expedition out of beautiful Cowichan Bay.

Episode 8 — Kwumut Lelum
We meet the children in care and Elders of Kwumut Lelum from Nanaimo, BC, who partake in the annual canoe Tribal Journey as part of their healing.

Episode 9 — Maori Waka, Dugout canoe and Birch Bark
The Tribal Journey continues. One of the unexpected outcomes of this remarkable journey is that it has inspired people on a global scale. This episode features an international canoe family.

Episode 10 — The Village Welcome
Landing to a warm village welcome makes the Tribal Journey a little easier while adhering to traditional ceremonial procedures. Each family gets stronger as they meet various challenges along the way.

Episode 11 — Landings and Protocol
The canoes land in the port of Olympia, traditional shoreline of the Squaxin tribe, to great fanfare, pomp and ceremony. This is a beautiful ceremony that has not been often documented by the media.

Episode 12 — Every Year the Salmon Come Back
The salmon used to be one of the most prolific species of fish in the ocean. In recent years there has been a decline in the return of salmon stocks on the west coast and peoples concerns know no boundaries.

Episode 13 — Water from my Mothers Well
The final episode of season three features an inspiring personal essay about how to maintain our physical and spiritual connection to water.