Playing With Fire | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Spring Burning
The forest fire fighters return for a new season of fighting fires and one of their first missions is to light an island on fire.

Episode 2 — Back on the Saw
Harvey’s new crew boss, Ariel, is concerned she may not be certified to use a chainsaw.

Episode 3 — Renegade Deer
The fire rangers in Kenora are tasked with rounding up a deer that has strayed onto the runway of the local airport.

Episode 4 — Yellow Alert
Harvey’s crew learn to deal with bears while Garrett’s crew hopes for action while on yellow alert in Pickle Lake.

Episode 5 — Tankers and Testing
Harvey Bunting is given command of a major value protections exercise and an air tanker crew goes on a training run.

Episode 6 — Savant Days, Mushrooms and Smokey Bear
Garrett’s competitive nature shows itself, while Ariel rediscovers a childhood hobby and Harvey presents Smokey Bear.

Episode 7 — Initial Attack
Harvey and his new crew go on their first initial attack of the season on Kenora 14.

Episode 8 — Who gets to go?
Harvey’s crew is being deployed out West but Garrett must wait and see if his crew will also get to see fire action.

Episode 9 — Red Deer Creek Fire
The Bunting and Ugray crews fight a forest fire in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Episode 10 — The Burn Out
Mike K., another native crew leader from Ontario comes face to face with a dangerous burn-out situation.

Episode 11 — One Gigantic Fire
Garrett and Harvey’s crews begin battling one of the largest fires the Northwest Territories has experienced in a generation.

Episode 12 — The Worst Pump Site Ever!
Fighting fires in the North West Territories is bad but dealing with the bugs can drive a fire fighter crazy!

Episode 13 — Last Fire
The Bunting crew needs to be airlifted from their position and both crews wrap up their fire seasons.