Playing With Fire | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 Q and Eh?
What does it take to be a medical student at Borealis College of Medicine? A very large group of hopeful students descend upon Northern Ontario for a grueling interview process in. Only eight of the best will make the final cut.

Episode 2 — Training and Start-up
The trainees work hard to successfully complete the training program although only 1 or 2 participants will be hired on to an initial attack crew this summer.

Episode 3 — The Rookies Arrive
The veteran firefighter train start the training of their new rookies on the crew.

Episode 4 — First Fire
In Sioux Lookout, Garrett’s crew wait to get on their first fire while Harvey’s team in Kenora battle their first blaze of the summer.

Episode 5 — Game On
Garrett Ugray and his crew are battling the Sioux 18 Fire. Harvey Bunting’s crew arrives to help finish the job. This fire is on its way down but it’s still far from out.

Episode 6 — Done Like Dinner
On the Sioux 18 Fire, Garrett Ugray is moved up to the position of Incident Commander and both crew leaders realize the rewards of fighting fires up north.

Episode 7 — One Day, One Fire
Harvey Bunting’s crew goes on an initial attack on the Kenora 34 Fire while facing challenges that threaten to move them from their positions.

Episode 8 — Wrapping and Prepping
Garret Ugray’s crew prepares for a prescribed burn while Harvey Bunting’s crew participates in a melon rolling competition.

Episode 9 — Fire & Yoga
Both crews recognize the continued importance of keeping fit although the rookies are hesitant at embracing some of the exercises.

Episode 10 — The Competition
Harvey Bunting’s crew is brought in to represent the Kenora District in the annual Northwestern Regional fire ranger competitions.

Episode 11 — Trucks, Tripods and a Grapefruit Race
Garrett Ugray’s crew take out the fire engine while Harvey Bunting’s crew head out for some tripod training.

Episode 12 — Newbies, Testosterone and Women
Harvey’s crew waits out a red alert while Garrett’s crew trains a new group of rookies.

Episode 13 — Prescribed Burn
Harvey and Garrett’s crew members share highlights of their summer while the crew leaders prepare for prescribed burns.