Planet Echo | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Shrinking
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy check out the ultimate small habitat when they buy an ant farm. Fun and mayhem ensues when the ants get out in their Aunt’s house! The LAB: Dr. G’s lab experiment goes wrong and he ends shrinking himself to table-top size. But really big things, both good and bad come in small packages … Dr. G investigates.

Episode 2 — Dr. G gets a new car
In this episode we find out how to make cars more earth-friendly.
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy go Go-Carting. Andy becomes frustrated when Chuck spends an entire race trying to make their cart “greener”. THE LAB: Dr. G decides to get rid of the gas guzzling MADMOBILE and create a super duper, greeny machiny. We find out how a gasoline engine works, what “horsepower means”, how batteries store electricity and how car tires can be recycled.

Episode 3 — GP takes a bath
In this episode we find out how to stay green while getting clean.
ADVENTURE: The guys decide to hold a PLANET ECHO Charity car wash to raise money for the environment. Their plans are dashed when their first customer is a very dirty school bus. The boys spend the whole day washing one vehicle by hand! THE LAB: Dr. G decides that GP is a bit stinky and needs a bath. Since Guinea Pigs don’t like to get wet Dr. G makes a special soap that is environmentally friendly and we learn all about different ways to keep the planet clean.

Episode 4 — GP smells garbage
In this episode we find out what really happens when we “recycle”.
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy write a script … and make fun of our industry by writing too many scripts and signing too many legal and accounting documents. By the end of the day they are up to their eyeballs in paper! THE LAB: Dr. Greenie’s lab is creating a lot of garbage lately and since GP is the one who has to take the “smelly garbage” out every day, he wants to know why they’re not trying to reduce, reuse and recycle. When Dr. G suggests a plan to convert garbage into Guinea Pig food … GP is not so sure.

Episode 5 — Waves
In this episode it’s all about the power of the ocean.
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy decide to go for a sail. Chuck over packs and brings every environmental gadget he can along with lots of other crazy stuff. While the guys prepare the boat, Andy lists off all the environmentally friendly things there are to know about sailing. When they finally get all loaded and cast off… the boat heads out to sea with both of the guys still on the dock … very Forest Gump!

Episode 6 — GP’s Bad Air Day
In this episode we learn how the earth “breathes” and why trees are so important.
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy go fly a kite. … only to find that there is no wind. Along the way they discover how kites fly, and how air moves and why trees are not so great for kites.
THE LAB: It’s the middle of the summer and GP finds that the air outside is really stinky. The air pollution is really starting to get to him … Dr. Greenie and GP explore ways to keep us all breathing cleaner air.

Episode 7 — Dr. G’s Frozen Feet
In this episode we learn how to be “green” even in the winter!
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy decide to go snow boarding … in Hawaii! Silly guys … they decide that cleaning up the beach makes sense … even if one of them is not dressed for it.
THE LAB: Dr. G is upset because C & A are on a beach while here at home “baby it’s cold outside”. He also notices that GP has “no-energy” during the long winter months and discovers that when it’s cold … there is not that much energy available.

Episode 8 — Footprints
In this episode we find out what a Carbon Footprint is and how we can reduce it.
ADVENTURE: When Chuck and Andy go for a walk in the woods they come upon a giant footprint in the mud they are convinced they have found proof that the sacred SABE really exists. The boys go in search of the SABE with all kinds of crazy spirit hunting gadgets.
THE LAB: Doc Greenie is trying to reduce his and GP’s carbon footprints in the lab but GP has no idea what a carbon footprint is.

Episode 9 — Green Houses
In this episode it’s all about building and making our homes greener.
ADVENTURE: The guys decide to pitch in and help build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Hilarity ensues when Chuck and Andy end up being more like Laurel and Hardy than Mike Holmes!
THE LAB: When GP threatens to run away Dr. Greenie offers to build him a brand new house made of 100% recycled and organic materials. DR. G build three houses out of weird stuff but GP rejects them all.

Episode 10 — Ultimate Guinea Pig Power
It this episode it’s all about alternative forms of power. From solar to wind we learn that there is a green alternative for just about every application.
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy try to plant a field of vegetables using people power because it’s the environmentally friendly thing to do … turns out not to be such a good idea …
THE LAB: Dr G starts experimenting with a new energy source that he decides is going to revolutionize the world. It’s called ULTIMATE GUINEA PIG POWER or UGPP for short. Dr. G hooks up just about every crazy power generation device known to GP to create the Ultimate green power-generating machine!

Episode 11 — Alien Attack
In this episode we find out that there really are aliens living amongst us. Some are good … some are bad.
ADVENTURE: Chuck tries to convince Andy that aliens really exist. Andy is not buying it until …
THE LAB: Dr. Greenie reveals his plan to build a space ship and launch GP into space. GP gets upset when he finds out that Guinea Pigs are actually aliens to North America. We find out about real aliens and the impact they have on the planet.

Episode 12 — Plastics
In this episode we find out that there a many alternatives to plastic … this could be big!
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy attend the “earth day” great garbage clean up and things don’t go so well for them.
Dr. Greenie is mad about plastics. They are a modern miracle but an environmental nightmare. GP doesn’t see what the big deal is and lists off all the great stuff made out of plastic. Doc G sets out to reinvent a brand new eco-friendly plastic.

Episode 13 — Eco-Creatures
In this adventure we find out how animals are helping us to help the environment.
ADVENTURE: Chuck and Andy go in search of the endangered NENE goose on the big island of Hawaii (the Nene is actually just a Canada Goose btw).
THE LAB: Dr. Greenie plans to create an army of giant pink Guinea Pigs to help clean up the planet. GP is not so sure.