Planet Echo | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — The Maid of the Mist
One of the world’s most amazing natural wonders is also a very spiritual aboriginal meeting place. Chuck and Andy learn about the power of water as they go on an awesome adventure in search of the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls, Canada.

Episode 2 — Great Balls of Fire
“If the sun is so “hot” then why can’t we just power everything on earth with its rays? … After all it’s free… and it’s clean?” Chuck and Andy set out to discover the mystery and powers of the sun… from its spiritual life giving force to the deadly radiation it creates. Along the way we find out how people are trying to harness the power of the sun… so grab some shades!

Episode 3 — Night Crawlers
Just because some creatures only come out at night doesn’t mean they are bad. Chuck and Andy learn that there are all kinds of things going in the world when it gets dark…right under our noses. And the while some of them may seem scary… there are a lot of really cool things happening too!

Episode 4 — Home Sweet Home
What makes a home green? When Chuck tells Andy that their ancestors could build environmentally friendly homes made out of grass sod, the boys go in search of some new ideas, high tech gadgetry and low tech common sense on how we can all make our homes “greener”.

Episode 5 — Deserts
Chuck and Andy head to Mojave Desert to find out how people and animals can survive in such an extreme climate. They learn that the desert is a “living thing” that needs our help too.

Episode 6 — From Point A to Point B
When Chuck and Andy need to make an urgent, super-rush delivery across the city they find out its not so easy to make echo-friendly choices getting from Point A to Point B. So what is the most earth friendly way to get from Point A to Point B? Well that depends on what you are doing, how far you are going and what you have to carry?

Episode 7 — Weather
The weather affects all of us. When Chuck decides that he is destined to become the “world’s greatest Weatherman!”, Andy has a few fun tricks up his sleeve to throw Chuck off his game. We learn all about storm chasing and other meteorological stuff.

Episode 8 — Flying High
Can flying actually be environmentally friendly? The boys go behind the scenes at one of Canada’s biggest airlines to find out how new technology is making flying the skies a little more environmentally friendly.

Episode 9 — Going Deep
Chuck and Andy try to figure out “just how deep you can go?” when they head out on adventure to the Grand Canyon. The guardians of the canyon, the Hualapai Nation of Arizona, have a special message for Chuck and Andy.

Episode 10 —The Ballad of Chuck and Andy
Chuck and Andy head out on a musical journey to the HARVEST MOON FESTIVAL in Manitoba, Canada. Who knew music could be green…

Episode 11 — Stuff
Do we have too much stuff? In the past you only owned as much as you could carry. Chuck and Andy take advantage of Winnipeg’s “Free Giveaway Weekend” to build the ultimate outdoor “living room”. Along the way they find out about the difference between stuff we really need and stuff we think we need.

Episode 12 — Life’s a Beach
After landing on a deserted stretch of sand, our shipwrecked explorers Andy and Chuck learn all about beaches… how they are formed, who lives on them and how to best protect them.

Episode 13 — Life on a Limb
Have you ever wondered about the secret lives of trees? Chuck and Andy set out to build a tree house and get “one with nature”.