Indians and Aliens | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Sky People
Respected Dene elder Francois Paulette is chased by a massive UFO on a lonely highway in the North West Territories.

Episode 2 — The Navajo Files
Navajo Ranger Jon Dover photographs strange crafts over the Arizona desert.

Episode 3 — Sasq’ets
Sts’Ailes Kelsey Charlie comes face to face with a Sasquatch deep in the forest of British Columbia.

Episode 4 — Misiginebig
Algonquin police officer James Simpson is confronted by a lake monster while walking his dog along the shoreline of Lake Timiskaming.

Episode 5 — Alien Abduction
Mississauga Joan Morningstar was abducted by aliens as a child and the encounters have continued her entire life.

Episode 6 — Star People
Mary Jane and Gilbert Cazon are chased through the northern wilderness by a UFO

Episode 7 — Mystery on the Highway
Na-­cho Nyak Louise Profeit-­LeBlanc and her family are left speechless when they are confronted by a UFO on a lonely stretch of highway in the North West territories.

Episode 8 — Dzunukwa
Namgis Michael Shaughnessy has two encounters with Sasquatch along the British Columbia coast.

Episode 9 — Second Sunrise
Algonquin Joseph Jr. Wawatie’s is awoken by strange lights and a UFO hovering over his cabin.

Episode 10 — Star Brothers
Navajo Sean Dover and his sister are shocked when a distant UFO begins circling them and drawing closer.

Episode 11 — Aliens Visitors
Margaret and Ronnie Trapper are awoken at their camp along the James Bay Highway and come face to face with alien creatures and their craft hovering overhead.

Episode 12 — Bear Walker
Anishinaabe Joe Osawabine and his girlfriend are alone at night on the water when a silent green orb that may be a bearwalker, suddenly appears.

Episode 13 — Pagwadjinni – Little People
As a child, Algonquian elder Jacob Wawatie was lost in the forest and kept alive and safe by the Little People.