Health Nutz | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Out of Bounds
When Buzz Riel Jr. fails to return, the Health Nutz Juice Bar becomes the property of the North Vancouver Indian Band. The band’ Chief, George Salmonbelly appoints his son, Axel Salmonbelly to manage the bar. Axel is professional golfer who was recently suspended for a year after canoodling with the Golf Commissioner’s wife.

Episode 2 — The Dinner
Things look better than ever since Axel became the juice bar manager. Mary tests Axel’s will power by challenging him to take random Breathalyzer tests and if he continually passes she will go on a dinner date with him.

Episode 3 — Juice, Jesus and Rock & Roll
Axel fills the void of sex, drugs and alcohol by starting his own Rock & Roll band. During one of the band practices, Chuck’s mom gets deeply affected by the music and becomes the bands’ groupie.

Episode 4 — Hypno Yoga
Reek Ram comes back to The Health Nutz juice bar to test a revolutionary series of yoga poses mixed with hypnotism that helps release stress. Reek Ram demonstrates his skills by hypnotizing everyone into thinking they are chickens. Axel realizes Reek Ram dubious skill can help him win back Mary.

Episode 5 — The Vision Quest
Walter Shultz flies in from Germany to take care of the Buzz Berry Juice order for the AA Olympic games in Berlin but he has alternative motives – his heart is set on Mary. Buckles invites Walter, Axel, Mary and Elijah on a traditional vision quest .To play a practical joke on Walter, Buckles gets Jacket Man to dress up as Big Foot and scare Walter on the vision quest. The practical joke backfires when a strange creature starts to purse the group. Axel has to stand his ground to protect Mary.

Episode 6 — Last Chance
Axel is getting increasingly annoyed by Walter’s flirting with Mary. To make matters worse, Walter proposes to Mary and is ready to leave with her and Elijah as soon as he gets the order confirmation for the Buzz Berry Juice cheque he had mailed. Axel has to quickly replace the money he had spent on Reek Ram’s services. He sells the deceased Buzz’s motorcycle and bets all the money on a horse – the whole Health Nutz Bar clientele and staff watch the race- the future of the juice rests on Axel’s bet.