Health Nutz | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — The Local Hero
Chief and Doc J. Dang nominate Buzz for The Local Hero contest sponsored by the North Vancouver’s 101 Eagle FM Radio Station. Buzz wins by a landslide, mysteriously, over another local celebrity, The Bear Whisperer. To live up to his new local hero status, Buzz volunteers to take care of the bear problem that shut down Elijah’s school.

Episode 2 — The Sponsor
Fearing that Buzz is becoming a dry drunk, Chief pairs up Buzz with an Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor, Jehovah Man. Jehovah Man confides in Buzz about his feelings for Mary. Buzz gives Jehovah Man ill-fated advice to get the Sponsor off his back so he can focus on his new grow-op in Chuck’s basement.

Episode 3 — Screwy Louie
After a night of partying, Buzz wakes up and realizes his stripper friend left behind her purebred French bulldog “Louie”. Buzz learns he can make a lot of cash studding the dog out. He cancels yoga classes and sets up a “Puppy Love” shack in the yoga studio.

Episode 4 — F**k Yoga
Keith Harris, a local Native land developer, arranges for Buzz to meet a group of business men that want to use Buzz as the face of their new fitness club chain. Wanting to prove his athletic abilities, Buzz participates in a yoga class and whips himself into a spine twisting – pose and gets locked in the position.

Episode 5 — The Camping Trip
Buzz needs to deliver the remaining marijuana from the grow-op he had in Chuck Mom’s basement. Buzz stashes bags of marijuana in his RV and organizes a weekend cover-up camping trip with Mary and Elijah.

Episode 6 — Good News, Bad News
Buzz finds out that Chief is planning to make a major announcement at the Buzz Barry Juice Festival. Buzz assumes he has fooled everybody with his faked sobriety performance and Chief is planning to make him the full owner of the Juice Bar. To celebrate Buzz takes a festival patron on a drunken “vision quest”; a cell phone video of the quest ends up on Youtube.