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Buzz Riel Jr. & Doc J. Dang - Health Nutz

Buzz Riel Jr. & Doc J. Dang - Health Nutz

Wacky humour, yoga, and recovery shake it up in a spirited new comedy about a washed up hockey player who inherits a juice bar on one condition – he has to get and stay sober.

When an injury forced Buzz Riel Jr. (Kevin Loring) to retire at twenty-two from a career in professional hockey, his life took a downward spiral. Over a decade later, after squandering away his life insurance money, the jobless, alcoholic gambler discovers he has inherited everything from his estranged father, Buzz Sr. (Paul Stanley). They include prized possessions: the successful Health Nutz Juice Bar; and the patent to a lucrative energy drink, Buzz Berry Juice.

There’s only one condition–Buzz Jr. has to get and stay sober, in order to run a business he knows nothing about, surrounded by his father’s health nut friends, Native community members, and eccentric customers who hang out there.

The bar is open. You’ve been warned.