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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1 — Awakenings
Arimus and the Guardians are jolted awake after a 41-million year cryogenic sleep and must immediately race to save their underground base from collapsing.

Episode 2 — Flight of the Benuix
The Guardians must find and rescue a Phoenix-like bird with healing powers before Ambrona and
Danton can get their evil hands on it.

Episode 3 — Seeds of Hope
The Guardians go head to head against Ambrona and his robots, when the evil mastermind tries to clearcut a small forest while digging for a rare mineral to fuel his empire.

Episode 4 — A Friend in Need
When a giant, bee-like creature stings Valta, Arimus and the gang must find an antidote and save their friend before it’s too late.

Episode 5 — Into the Grid
When Ambrona infects Chum with a computer virus, Arimus and the Guardians must find and destroy the Alpha Virus, before Chum turns on them and destroys them!

Episode 6 — Eerimar
When Ambrona and Dantons evil forces capture Kaultor, Arimus and the Guardians must join forces with a benevolent species of sentient shape-shifters called the Eerimar and plan his rescue.