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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1 — Vancouver, Haida Gwaii, Prince Rupert, BC
Meet Haida/Cree singer songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair and her decade long journey to solidify her place in the Canadian independent music scene. Travelling to her ancestral home in Haida Gwaii and home town of Prince Rupert, BC, she takes us inside her life and her music before taking a bold step she hopes will kick start her recording career.

Episode 2 — Salt Spring Island, Toronto, Six Nations
Join Haida/Cree singer songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair on an intimate song writing retreat that will define her upcoming album. With her new songs in place, she travels to the heart of Canada’s music industry where she faces tough choices on who will produce her next album.

Episode 3 — Vancouver
With Aboriginal rock icon Derek Miller on board as her producer and a top notch band of studio musicians at her side, singer songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair heads into Bryan Adam’s Vancouver recording studio where she lays down tracks for her upcoming album.

Episode 4 — Los Angeles
Fresh from her Vancouver recording sessions, Kristi travels to Los Angeles on the invitation of Native American rock guitarist and music producer Stevie Salas. In LA, Stevie takes Kristi to meet industry heavyweights like Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas who provide her frank feedback and advice on her latest songs.

Episode 5 — Manchester (England), Vancouver
Taking the industry advice she got in Los Angeles, singer songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair returns to Vancouver to evolve, engineer and complete her long awaited album. With her new CD ‘Dark Matter’ hot off the presses, she takes a much needed musical holiday to Manchester, England where she re-connects with her music and old friends.

Episode 6 — Vancouver, Regina, Winnipeg, Seattle
Alongside bandmate, producer and music mentor Derek Miller, singer songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair takes her new CD on the road as they set out across North America on the Red Ride Tour. With concert stops in Regina, Winnipeg, Seattle and more, she reflects on what it means to ‘Face the Music’ before moving to Toronto to follow her dream.