First Contact

First Contact takes a group of six non-Indigenous Canadians with strong opinions on Indigenous people and immerses them into Aboriginal Canada for the first time.

APTN Movies

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Authentically Aboriginal programming your child can grow with.


Each episode focuses on a different character and how they cope in a women’s prison living under warring criminals fighting for supremacy over the inmates.


A contemporary crime thriller set in big sky country that focuses on a Wyoming sheriff rebuilding his life and career after the death of his wife.

Stay Original

As Indigenous Peoples, we are claiming our identities and connection to our cultures in our own original ways. Take the journey to claim your identity.


Taken is a true crime documentary series focusing on solving the mysteries behind Canada’s missing and murdered women.

Pete & Pio’s Kai Safari

Pio Terei and Peter Peeti both share a love for fishing, hunting and the great outdoors