The Deerskins | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Pow Yeow
Things get quickly out of control when Thunder is invited back to the reservation to participate in the Wawkee-Tawkee Warrior Competition.

Episode 2 — The Walking Dread
After attending an auction, Thunder gets more then he bargained for when a Zombie follows him home.

Episode 3 — Bingo Burka
When the World Bingo Championships come to Cheddarville, Dawna the “bingohaulic” must use all her will power to resist the urge to participate in the competition.

Episode 4 — Crystal Balls
Deciding she needs some breathing room, Summer leaves home and moves in with some travelling gypsies.

Episode 5 — Up In Smoke
Everything goes spiralling out of control for Thunder after he accidentally ingests some “funny Tabaco”.

Episode 6 — One Man’s Junk
Thunder goes to ridiculous extremes to outdo his neighbour Morty in an unsanctioned garage sale competition.

Episode 7 — Mizz Beautifullest
Hoping to become the most “beautifullest” girl in the world, Summer enters a beauty contest only to be sabotaged at every turn by a mysterious villain.

Episode 8 — To Be Or Not To Be
Wishing to return to the stage, Thunder quits his job as the star of the Tomahawk Pete Show and heads to the local theatre only to be forced to compete with Morty for the starring role.

Episode 9 — Someone Stole My Thunder
After Thunder goes missing the chief of police sends out a hapless detective to investigate.

Episode 10 — Cheeze Fest
What does a teenaged werewolf, beaver tails, a lacrosse schtick, dynamite and sauerkraut have in common? The Deerskins.

Episode 11 — Phoney Baloney
When Thunder decides to learn his native language he seeks out the help of a retired Jesuit priest who has a less then professional interest in his pupil.

Episode 12 — Creme Brulee
When the Mushburger’s car explodes, Gladys decides to raise some money for a new one by selling skin cream door-to-door. Unfortunately the skin cream has some pretty nasty side effects.

Episode 13 — Orca Windtree
Invited to be a guest on the ORCA WINDTREE SHOW, Thunder finds out that a hidden camera crew has been following him since he first moved off the reserve and into Cheddarville.