The Deerskins | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — Meet the Deerskins
When the mayor and his cronies decide to expand the local mini-putt course, the Deerskins are forced off the reserve and into the neighbouring community of Cheddarville.

Episode 2 — Welcome to Cheddarville
The Deerskins are left speechless when they arrive in Cheddarville only to discover a working class town full of kooks, fiends and beauty queens and the home of the world’s largest cheese turd!

Episode 3 — Roomies and Loonies
The Deerskins move into a dilapidated, old house that once belonged to a notorious biker gang leader only to discover that the biker is still living there!

Episode 4 — Meet the Mushburgers
After moving into the ‘bunker’ the Deerskins are kept awake half the night by their wacky new neighbours, the Mushburgers, an oddball family 52 cards short of a full deck.

Episode 5 — I Hate You Mel Horowitz
Trying to get any sleep proves futile as the Deerskins are kept awake all night by the outlandish lifestyle of their new room mate Mel the Baker. To make matters worse a local mobster has hired a Hitman to get rid of him!

Episode 6 — “This Is the Police!
When the Police come knocking, the Deerskins must deal with the outrageously unorthodox behaviour of Officer Balsac as he scours the house in search of Mel.

Episode 7 — A Funny Thing Happened
As the Deerskins try to get off the bench and back into the game of life, they are hijacked by some of the zanier members of Cheddarville.

Episode 8 — “Are We There Yet?”
After being zapped, trapped, jacked and kidnapped, the Deerskins try once again to shake off their distracters and reach their destinations.

Episode 9 — Tunnel of Love
When Panny the Pizza man gets arrested for trying to smuggle a bomb into the country, Dawna must use her surgical skills (and patience) to keep everything from blowing up in her face.

Episode 10 — Radio Head
Roasted by a local radio announcer, Thunder decides to get even by using the only weapons in his arsenal…His big mouth!

Episode 11 — Anonymous
When Phoenix Corporation is attacked in cyber space by a hacker posing as ANONYMOUS, Phoenix must use all of his resources to thwart the evildoers ill intentions.

Episode 12 — Invasion of the Body Smashers
After a UFO crash lands in the middle of Cheddarville, Summer goes on a search and destroy mission only to discover that little green men are not always that little…or that green for that matter.

Episode 13 — The Men in Beige
Believing that a recent UFO sighting may have something to do with a terrorist plot, Homeland Security Agents (The Men in Beige) begin rounding up anyone of ‘questionable heritage’.