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Episode Guide

Episode 1 
Lyndon, Chad and Clayton; Three chefs from Canada begin their journey across Asia. Starting in Bali, Indonesia, they experience the trials and tribulations of traveling while experiencing the culture and cuisine the country has to offer.

Episode 2 
From Indonesia to the Jungles of Borneo, the chefs experience Christmas far away from home. Taking tours through the jungle, staying in hospitable longhouses and having good family fun with the locals is what makes this trip worthwhile.

Episode 3 
First things first the Chefs get a taste of just how exotic the Filipino cuisine is. Despite how good it tastes, the thought of it will just make you sick. To get an idea of Filipino religion, the guys head out to Manila to check out the huge Festival of the Black Nazarene and decide to get in on the action!

Episode 4 
The Chefs move further into the Philippines meeting a friendly local who shows them how to make Pinikpikan. Lyndon gets his hands dirty killing the chicken and prepping it for dinner. The guys check out the famous caves scattered around the Philippines and learn how the dead are buried in this foreign land. A short vacation begins as the boys take it easy at the San Juan Surf Resort. To finish off the Philippines the chefs check out a genuine cock fight.

Episode 5
The Chefs arrive hungry and ready to go in Malaysia. From one city to another the boys move through markets and food stalls trying and learning new foods with the people of the city. The boys stumble upon a family smashing coconuts and take part in the Hindu tradition. From there they learn about the Hindu Festival of Thaipusam. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

Episode 6
Arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chad learns to make a tasty deep fried dessert, Lyndon and the boys taste the smelliest fruit of them all and to top it all off Clayton must try a beef torpedo. From Kuala Lumpur to the beautiful beaches of Penang, the guys meet some new Swedish friends for the duration of their stay.

Episode 7
Leaving the picturesque beaches behind the chefs travel to Bangkok. The famous land markets and floating markets make up the great diversity to the city’s cuisine. Clayton meets up with an old friend and the guys stumble upon a street party and have a great time eating and drinking with a group of local families.

Episode 8
The boys meet a new friend and are introduced to a Laotian family as they cook the cultural dishes of Laos. Then, the Chefs get ready for a 5 days week of excessive drinking along the Mekong River. Alcohol and drunken water sports probably shouldn’t mix.

Episode 9
Getting off the drinking bender, the Chefs hit the road as they try out the 350km Motorcycle loop around Laos stopping to meet the locals and taste the foods along the way. A new and exotic meal awaits the Chefs as they get ready to prepare a lizard for Lyndon’s birthday dinner!

Episode 10
The Chefs arrive in the beautiful country of Cambodia. Learning about the country’s vicious history while, at the same time, seeing it spring back to life with its deep fried exotic foods, and life changing jobs for students in the restaurant industry. Powder and water is thrown around in celebration of the Cambodian water festival and the chefs join in the festivities!

Episode 11
On their way to Vietnam, Lyndon and Clayton must leave Chad behind in Cambodia as he waits on a new passport. The boys travel through small villages and towns to meet the locals and enjoy their cooking. Lyndon and Clayton try their luck at fishing then attempt to navigate a claustrophobic market. Chad returns and gets in on the food action, cooking up new and tasty foods with the local shops. Finally the Chefs check out a Vietnamese war museum and find themselves in more claustrophobic situations.

Episode 12
From Ho Chi Minh City to countryside of Da Lat, the boys head east into Vietnam to cook up a storm! A local restaurant owner invites the chefs in to learn the meals of the day. Lyndon helps makes the famous ‘White Rose’ dish and finally to wash it all down, the guys have a cup of weasel coffee. To end a fantastic trip in Vietnam the chefs get hands on experience preparing cobra for dinner and Lyndon swallows a beating cobra heart.

Episode 13
The 6th month epic journey finally comes to an end with one final stop on the chefs’ great adventure, China. The country’s language barrier makes it difficult for the guys to get directions from locals but that doesn’t stop them from learning the recipes. Chad takes a bite of duck head and Clayton gets very sick. Chad and Lyndon visit the great Wall while Clayton takes it easy. The chefs say their final goodbyes as they head off on their separate ways.

Episode 14
Hilarious and outrageous scenes that didn’t quite fit into the travelogue stories, but were just to fantastic to leave on the cutting room floor.

Episode 15
Hilarious and outrageous scenes that didn’t quite fit into the travelogue stories, but were just to fantastic to leave on the cutting room floor.