Chaos and Courage | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Coastal Queens
When the BC Ferry Queen of the North sank off Gil Island in March 2006, the nearby tiny coastal community of Hartley Bay responded en masse. The women who participated in the rescue of the stricken ship’s passengers have since become champions for the protection the coastal area they call home.

Episode 2 — Midwives
Pre-contact, midwifery was a traditional practice among First Nations across the country. Driven underground for over a century, Midwifery is currently enjoying a long overdue reclamation. Meet the women at the helm of this movement, and hear how this ancient practice benefits the health of mother and child, and their community.

Episode 3 — Walking with our Sisters
As of late 2013, the RCMP reported 1,181 Aboriginal women confirmed either missing or murdered since 1980. This number represents an epidemic that targets Aboriginal women like no other demographic. Meet the women who work tirelessly to bring attention to this matter, in hopes of triggering a national inquiry.

Episode 4 — Chance for Change
Aboriginal gangs provide a pseudo-family dynamic for those who otherwise fall through the cracks. But female members and associates are often used as prostitutes and drug mules by gang leaders. Meet three courageous women who walked away, and now struggle with recovery from addiction, and the violent crimes of their past.

Episode 5 — RCMP Coast to Coast
Female Aboriginal RCMP officers from BC’s Fraser Valley and Halifax Nova Scotia, share stories of what it means to be a native cop serving both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. Their unexpected struggle is to overcome the stigma of the RCMP within their own communities.

Episode 6 — Critical Incident
A survivor of work-related PTSD, paramedic Andrea Seymour is the former Critical Incident Stress Management Coordinator for BC’s Ambulance Service. Andrea knows firsthand the importance of providing care for first responders traumatized by what they see on the job, trauma that can lead to PTSD.

Episode 7 —Protecting Our Children
Of the 30,000 children in ministry care across Canada, half are Aboriginal. Most of these children are removed not only from family, but from community and culture, and few are equipped to cope once they age out of the system. Meet some of the women, including BC’s Representative for Children, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, working to address this issue.

Episode 8 — True North
From Carcross in the Yukon Territory to the far reaches of Nunavut, life in Canada’s north can be a real challenge. Thin ice, avalanches and polar bears are just some of the threats these women have encountered, and they’ve all learned to survive, by blending modern-day technologies with tried-and-true traditions passed on through the generations.

Episode 9 — Military
Aboriginal women serving in Canada’s armed forces are often introduced to military service through an Aboriginal program such as Raven, Bold Eagle or Black Bear. But once they integrate as regular soldiers, they are treated just like anyone else. No favouritism means equal opportunity for all – whether for promotion, or for postings in war zones overseas.

Episode 10 — Wildlife Conservation
Aboriginal women and men from three BC communities do their part to protect and conserve wildlife. From whales to salmon to falcons, all species are dependent on us to maintain the delicate balance of the habitats we share with them. Ultimately, we alone can protect them from the negative impacts of our own behaviours.

Episode 11 — Housing Crisis
From Attawapiskat to Edmonton, the waitlists for Aboriginal housing across Canada remain in the thousands, with no way to keep up with demand. The women on the front lines confront our housing crisis at its root – the infliction of dependence upon a federal government either unwilling or ill-equipped to accommodate those in its care.

Episode 12 — Kids in Crisis
Inhalant abuse runs rampant among the youth of many First Nations communities across the country. The White Buffalo Youth Inhalant Centre provides immersive programs to help teenaged girls kick the habit, and reconnect with their Aboriginal cultures, while nearby Cartier Farms uses horse therapy to teach the girls about trust and bonding.

Episode 13 — Medical Outposts
Canada is home to some of the most technologically advanced medical services in the world, but not all Canadians have access to them. This is especially true for Canada’s most remote communities, such as the nurse-run medical outposts of northern Ontario, and Ahousat in Clayoquot Sound, BC served primarily by its recently trained first aiders.