By The Rapids | Season 4


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Season 4

Episode 1 — Election
After three seasons of his easy living, By The Rapids vacation, Cory Littlehorn is in for a rude awakening … It’s time to start school! In that classic fish out of water tale, Cory does what any newly enrolled student would do … He runs for school president! Unfortunately, higher forces see Cory as a threat that must be taken care of.

Episode 2 — Bev vs. Regis
Bev skips out on the annual Harvest Fair to have a relaxing day at home, but little does she know that Regis and a Mighty Five Nation marathon will keep the house anything but quiet while a distraught Wayne tries to prove that he is “Indian enough” to be at the Harvest Fair.

Episode 3 — The Hickey
An attempt at a good deed goes horribly wrong when Karen is marked with the largest hickey By The Rapids has ever seen, much to Grandma Hazels’ dismay. Derek and Karen try to go about their daily lives while the unrelenting paparazzi and their newly hired cameraman, Regis, continue to pry and cause headaches for the young couple.

Episode 4 — Paranormal State of Mind
Determined to disprove the ghost stories of Moose Tooth Manor, Cory, Regis and Kim set off to spend a night in By The Rapids most haunted house, but Moose Tooth Manor has a few surprises for the fool-hardy trio.

Episode 5 — Bingo Wars
Berlene the Bingo Slayer is back in By The Rapids, and she’s cleaning house at the local bingo with the help of her prosthetic arm. The locals, desperate to reclaim their bingo hall, turn to retired bingo legend Hazel Littlehorn, in hopes that she can rid By The Rapids of the Bingo Slayer once and for all.

Episode 6 — Mighty Five Nations: Rise of a Hero
The follow up to the action-packed “Invasion at Turtle Island,” – “M5N: Rise of a Hero” pits our mighty superheroes against a rising criminal mastermind, whose only goal is to thrust By The Rapids into a casino less state of anarchy and bring the M5Ns loyal towel boy over to the dark side!

Episode 7 — Top Dog
When Johnny, the top K-9 in By The Rapids, is busted for trying to move counterfeit smokes, a spot opens up on the force for a new top dog, but with no one to compete against him, the corrupt Major seems like a sure bet for the position. That is, until Kim’s little Bandit, against all odds, registers for the competition … Every dog has his day.