By The Rapids | Season 3


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Season 3

Episode 1 — Saving Cory Littlehorn
After finding out Cory high-tailed it back to Toronto, Grandma Hazel and Regis set off to the big city to bring him back home. But things get a little sidetracked when Regis tries to crash a movie premiere and Hazel is abducted by a cult.

Episode 2 — Gamble On, Wayne
When Wayne finds himself on a lucky streak, he decides to try his hand at slot machines at the local casino with some disastrous results involving drag queens, fist fights and sausages.

Episode 3 — Attack of the Zompires
A health initiative in By The Rapids forces everyone to be vegetarians. The new diet doesn’t sit well with the community, causing everyone’s energy levels to be at all-time low. Leave it up to Regis to convince his nephew Cory that everyone is really walking hybrids of the two most deadly movie monsters of all time, Zompires!

Episode 4 — Tea For Two
Grandma Hazel and Derek join forces to start a “come and go” tea stand after Derek is threatened to lose his job if he doesn’t boost the morale of the seniors of By The Rapids. But things quickly turn strange when it’s discovered that Hazel’s tea contains a secret ingredient that takes things to a whole new trippy level.

Episode 5 — Invasion at Turtle Island
In this special By The Rapids episode, a super hero group called the Mighty 5 Nations must do battle with villainous Ado Darho. But his evil band of “injusticers” proves too much for the heroes. So it’s up to Tuscarora, a frail super hero wannabe, to save the day!

Episode 6 — You Had Me at She:kon
When Regis finally gets the nerve to strike up a conversation with Kim, he is quickly side lined by her over protective K9 companion Bandit. Now, Regis must win Bandit over or he will never get a date with Kim!

Episode 7 — Tornadoheart
By The Rapids is abuzz with news that a major Hollywood film is shooting in town! When the director has a fit after Karen is appointed the on-set “cultural advisor” for the film he quickly offers her a starring role, just to shut her up. But the crew and the Littlehorn clan are in for a big surprise when Karen’s new diva attitude starts to tear the set and, most importantly, her family apart.