Bionic Bannock Boys | EPISODE GUIDE SEASON 2


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If you want to adopt a Sasquatch or hear the story of the Brave brave then this is the episode for you. We also see an archeologist search for a sacred rez dog breeding place, we introduce the BBB puppets and see the urbane side of greasy Netche Last but certainly not least we witness the excellent choreography of “So you think you can round dance.”

We introduce the miracle cure “Prune Bran” followed by the heart wrenching story of Rez Soap which we top off with a cautionary gambling tale from the BBB puppets. Relations .ca tells us what can happen if you did too deeply into your past. Rez tan is a new business on Broken Elbow and it has interesting results. Dr. Phil Opiun takes into his counselling session with two hapless skins. We witness a disturbing cowboy and Indian encounter. Vinnie the huckster shills magic beaver pelt and we introduce the dynamic duo Incog-Neecho and Dolphin Boy.

In this episode we introduce the ever popular child containment unit and the new cop show on the Rez network Hookers and Blow. The Bannock Boys sing the touching ballad “You left and it was good.” The Rez news features the chief and weather man Wayne Cloud. The Rez kids ponder where does the money go? On late nite with Mohsom we hear his top ten list and there is a guest appearance with Hookers and Blow.

We introduce the Snagie Blanket for couples who want to get closer. PIMPS, the Paranormal Investigative Mobile Patrol Services seeks out malevolent spirits and the trail leads them to the Rez preacher. The littlest hobro defies an explanation but it must be seen. Legend busters take on myths and prove them right or wrong, sound familiar? The BBB puppets compare their fathers with predictable results. A dream catcher car alarm doesn’t work. The BBB rap Down with Brown. We close with a docudrama about the legend of Lucky and Bucky.

We open with an ad for Chiefs real-estate. He’s in the market to sell your tipi. In “The Brown Eye for the White Guy” a white guy gets a reluctant remake which is interrupted by an ad from the Law firm of Dewey Cheatam and Howe which is interrupted by breaking news and back to our program. For Indians who never made it big we have the story of Donald McRonaldfeather. Meanwhile the rez kids ponder land claims. How do they do pow wow karaoke? We will show you how. Cooking with Neechies is a cooking show that specialises in aboriginal food. This week we do bannock. Throughout the program we have included snippets of our boys running with a briefcase. What’s in the briefcase? It is revealed at the end.

Vinnie is back and this time he’s selling magic antlers, good for hanging things up. Rez PI is back and our private investigator has his hands full with a babe who lost her sweet virginity. Next the Bannock Boys present a music video and sing the tender ballad, “Cousin Loving.” The western epic “the hard life” is features as a young rodeo cowboy prepares for the ride of his life. It ends in tragedy but not how you would think. The puppets interrupt to announce that the program is brought to you by the letter A. Next we have survival skills with Brodie who finally gets his just deserts from the camera man. And we close out the season with a look at how a band council would run if it was run like the Mafia. Its disorganized crime at its best.