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About Wentworth

Bea Smith is gutsy and fearless and rules Wentworth Correctional Centre with an iron first but how did this wife and mother from the suburbs become the top dog, without rival, in prison? She and the other women living in the pressure-cooker environment of Wentworth forged unlikely friendships and allegiances that are necessary to survive the time inside.

Season 4

It’s been four months since the fire at Wentworth and Bea and the other inmates have been housed offsite while they wait for construction to be completed.

The walls of Wentworth will not be enough to protect the Top Dog. Bea will have to battle two formidable enemies. There is Kaz, made so dangerous by her extremist feminist ideology, who regards Bea as the great betrayer to the cause. Liz, Doreen, Maxine and Boomer return loyal to Bea but their bond is tested as Kaz sets out to undermine the status quo of Wentworth. Ferguson is on a mission to exonerate herself for the death of Jess.

Meanwhile, Franky is focused on making it on the outside and while home life with Bridget isn’t perfect, they are navigating the terrain together. Vera has finally achieved what she wanted, the Governorship and while she thinks she is the upper hand with Ferguson, her control is short-lived. Will is promoted to Deputy Governor and has a target on his back, a residual of past actions.