North of 60

After almost 20 years off the air, North of 60 returns. Thanks to the passionate fans of the show, APTN is bringing the entire series, all six season, back.

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Authentically Aboriginal programming your child can grow with.

Nos histoires. Notre voix.

Découvrez une programmation français brillante, renversante et palpitante.


A contemporary crime thriller set in big sky country that focuses on a Wyoming sheriff rebuilding his life and career after the death of his wife.

Stay Original

As Indigenous Peoples, we are claiming our identities and connection to our cultures in our own original ways. Take the journey to claim your identity.


In the near-future, an ancient species of super-humans from the Aboriginal Dreaming known as the Hairypeople battle for survival in a world that persecutes and exploits them with the ultimate goal of wiping them from the Earth


Skindigenous is a 13-part documentary series exploring Indigenous tattooing traditions around the world.


Taken is a true crime documentary series focusing on solving the mysteries behind Canada’s missing and murdered women.