The Other Side | Season 3


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Season 3

Episode 1: Mr. Clark
Michaella Shannon joins The Other Side team as they investigate paranormal activity at Fort Walsh, the first out-post of the North West Mounted Police, which was built near the site of the infamous Cypress Hills massacre.

Episode 2: Spirits Past
The Senator – After a bizarre experience during a live investigation at Saskatoon’s oldest hotel, Jeff and the team return to uncover more mysteries.

Episode 3: The Hanged Man
The team’s investigation into a busy community theatre finds a paranormal connection with a condemned murderer.

Episode 4: Dem Bones
The team meets a family plagued by a dark entity and discovers a bizarre case of mistaken identity.

Episode 5: Brother Jon
In an emotional episode, the team travels into the Alberta badlands to help the owners of the historic Rosedeer Hotel make contact with two lonely spirits.

Episode 6: That’s My Son’s Name
A family asks Jeff, Michaella and Tom to evict an unwelcome spirit that arrived during the construction of their vacation home in the Columbia River valley.

Episode 7: The Convent
The team wonders whether a converted convent is at the epicentre of powerful forces drawing people to the quaint town of Val Marie.

Episode 8: Drive
After moving a house to its new spot on Last Mountain Lake, a family endures years of paranormal experiences, before finally calling on the TOS team for help.

Episode 9: The Green Room
The staff of the oldest continuously running theatre in Canada ask the team to communicate with a patron from the past.

Episode 10: Learn How to Travel
The team is called in when an aggressive spirit violates a family’s privacy, and resists all attempts to remove it.

Episode 11: The Music Box
A modern museum, converted from a 130 year old hospital, houses a child-like spirit that may be connected to a long-forgotten murder.

Episode 12: When the Whistle Blows
The team investigates the Bellevue Mine, in the historic Crowsnest Pass, where 48 men lost their lives in an underground explosion in December, 1910.

Episode 13: The Angels
The tragic history of a residential school, and the quest to find peace for some troubled spirits, is the focus of three intense nights of investigation by the team.