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May 2018

NSI Aboriginal Documentary Program 2014

May 10

Four amazing documentaries in one hour!

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Our Grandfather’s Footprints – 11am

May 17

Our Grandfather’s Footprints Filmmaker, Michael Bourquin, and his cousins follow their aging grandfather Loveman Nole as he passes down stories of living off the land, teaches essential skills, and the importance of connecting with the land. Loveman stresses the importance of family, and the need to retain traditional knowledge and culture. Our Grandfather's Footprints is a heartfelt documentary that shares and inspires.

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It Was A Woman

May 24

Cherri Low Horn shares her story of growing up in a desperate situation. It was much later in her life that she began to realize what was actually going on during her childhood. As Cherri faced the reality of her times growing up, she learned coping mechanisms from an important person who may have saved her.

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A Life On the Line – 11am

May 31

‘A Life on the Line’ delves deep into the lifestyle, history, and culture of the Metis people from a personal, hands-on perspective through the relationship between a father who earns his living with his hands and a son who earns a living telling stories.

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June 2018

Kaha-wi: The Cycle of Life

June 7

Kaha:wi – The Cycle of Life is an incredible one hour performance, directed by Shane Belcourt featuring world renowned Mohawk dancer and choreographer, Santee Smith. This is a dance journey through the spirit realm, into life, and the celebration of love and community.  

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Potlatch Keepers

June 14

"Potlatch Keepers" is a journey of self discovery and cultural awakening. Community Elders have asked youth to return home from the cities in an effort to help preserve their fading cultural keystone, the Potlatch. An aboriginal filmmaker shares her personal story as she returns to her BC community to answer the call.

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Joey Stylez: No Gimmicks

June 21
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Once on June 21, 2018

From troubled Cree kid on the streets of Saskatoon to a hip hop sensation, Joey Stylez is on a path to stardom most can only dream of. What does he have that other people don’t? This documentary will embark on a journey with Joey to find out what gives him the “it” factor and how his connection to his Cree roots helps him stay grounded.

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Smoke Traders

June 28

It's a multi-million dollar industry with multiple benefits to communities and individual lives. Smoke Traders tells the story of the contraband tobacco trade in Eastern Canada. Business owners see it as taking back an industry that once was a Native right. The Canadian government sees it as illegal.

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July 2018

Arctic Mosque

July 5

A prefabricated Mosque makes an adventurous 4000 kilometer journey by land and river to a small Arctic town. About 80 Muslim people live in Inuvik and eagerly await the arrival of the iconic building that is moving to the great white North. Arctic Mosque takes you on a journey from first conception to how lives will change in the North.

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A Beautiful Forest

July 12

It was once an incredible forest, covering an expansive area equivalent to modern day New Brunswick. A Beautiful Forest takes a look at the land as it exists in today’s modern world. Chiefs, scientists, and a medicine woman relate their views on what has happened to the area as they attempt to re-establish a balance with the new land.

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What’s The Big Idea?

July 19

The next Big Idea could be something that could change the world. It could be an idea that could save the planet. It could be a revolutionary idea that could turn its inventor into a millionaire. Who Wouldn't want that?! Presenters have traveled across the nation. Each will be given 10 minutes to make their pitch to get their business off the ground.  

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Power of the Spirit

July 26

When a young child is taken from parents, life is turned upside down. Seven generations of Canadians faced this truth. Their trust was broken, their love was lost, and respect was challenged. In The Power of the Spirit, several Aboriginal families share their stories, and how they work to overcome the impact of the residential schools.

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August 2018

NSI Aboriginal Documentary Program 2013

August 2

Four short docs in one amazing hour!

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NSI IndigiDocs 2015

August 9

Four documentaries in one hour!

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Tony: Back From The Brink

August 16

Tony: Back from the Brink By all accounts, Tony Kalluk should not have survived to see his 40th birthday. By this point in his life, he had spent 20 years in jail, he was high on pills, had attempted suicide by police, and was headed down a life destructing path. Against all odds, Tony returned home and became a counselor, working with others who found themselves in distress. The film follows Tony as he uses his own experience in life…

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Mayday: Air Disaster

August 23

Air crash investigators face an enormous challenge when a massive military training exercise confronts a real-life catastrophe in Canada’s high Arctic. Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo. Photo by Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo.

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The Girls of St. Mary’s

August 30

“The Girls of St. Mary’s” is a rare glimpse into the lives of three Maliseet teenagers on St. Mary’s First Nation, in Fredericton, New Brunswick. St. Mary’s is one of the few urban reserves in Canada and it’s economically strong, But, even here, racism and intolerance take their toll. This one-hour documentary follows a 14, 16 an 17 year-old over a six-month period, as they struggle with inter-racial dating, complicated family relationships and the reality of growing up as aboriginal…

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