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Reel Insights brings you in-depth documentaries from around the globe. See the triumphs, losses, and experience the passions of Indigenous peoples, as told by Aboriginal filmmakers.

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October 27th, 2016

Stealing Mary

Nearly 200 years after skulls were found in Newfoundland and taken to a University in Scotland, they become evidence to the murder of Demasduit, and Chief Nonosabasut. Through modern technology, this docudrama takes a look back at what may have happened on the fateful day when the Chief died, and why there were two skulls found buried together.

November 3rd 2016

The Pass System

Canada's hidden history of racial segregation is brought to light in the moving documentary, The Pass System. In the late 1800's Prime Minister John A. MacDonald had plans to develop Canada's west with profitable farming. As a way to separate European farmers and First Nations people, the pass system was created using permits which limited the time individuals could spend off reserve. The Pass System takes an in-depth look into the former Canadian policy and it's affects on Aboriginal people.