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Reel Insights brings you in-depth documentaries from around the globe. See the triumphs, losses, and experience the passions of Indigenous peoples, as told by Aboriginal filmmakers.

May 25th, 2016

NSI Aboriginal Documentary Program

Four teams were chosen recipients of the first National Screen Institute Aboriginal documentary program.  Each team was provided extensive training, and an opportunity to work with industry professionals.  These four short docs are a result of their hard work and determination: An Ecstatic Professional, Alice and Kevin (Bath Day), Finding Sgt. Partridge, and, Traditional Beats.  

June 1st, 2016

A Beautiful Forest

It was once an incredible forest, covering an expansive area equivalent to modern day New Brunswick. A Beautiful Forest takes a look at the land as it exists in today’s modern world. Chiefs, scientists, and a medicine woman relate their views on what has happened to the area as they attempt to re-establish a balance with the new land. Trees resize Darryl and Andrea  resize Timer resize