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Winnipeg students grow rare squash from seeds 800 years old

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Students in Winnipeg were given a rather unique opportunity to revive a vegetable that was thought to be extinct.

This particular squash was grown from seeds that are approximately 800 years old.

APTN’s Matt Thordarson has the story.

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  • Josh D

    Wow this is a really great story, glad to see students taking part!

  • Chris Cartwright


  • D-Mom

    How do we get seeds?

    • sourgrapes22

      Same way farmers got seeds 800 years ago. . .

  • Amber Harvey

    Great to see that these squash could be grown from such old seeds. I hope it’s tasty and nutritious, as well.

  • Peter

    Would love to get some seeds from this squash….

  • Theresa

    How were these seeds preserved? I think that would interesting to find out.

  • AssHat900

    And then they murdered it.

  • Darksideblues42

    Point of order – This is a fruit. It is not a vegetable.

    Aside from that, this is pretty darn amazing!

  • Allan Postgate

    But is it resistant to glyphosate?

  • ccurtiss

    where is the story? i keep getting returned to a tweet about the story.

  • kimsaria

    Watch the video… it tells how they were stored.

  • Dustin Bajer

    Amazing!! Indigenous crops like corn and swash are prime examples of a commensal relationship between plants and humans. They are an important part of our collective heritage. Every time a variety is saved, so to is a way of knowing the world.

  • manifesto2000

    Council of Canadians at the 2013 AGM in Saskatoon passed a resolution on inviting the Indigenous culture in Canada to take the lead on finalizing the Canadian Constitution. This would be based on authentic values and protections of the founding societies of Turtle Island. It is worth getting a copy of that resolution, and discussing the ways of getting this concept adopted as a basis of community.