CN takes action against Grassy Narrows over blockade that didn’t happen

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APTN National News
Canadian National is taking legal action against the organizer of a blockade that never happened.

Judy Da Silva from Grassy Narrows organized a blockade of the CN mainline after a number of train derailments in northern Ontario.

But Da Silva called off the action on the advice of an elder.

But as APTN’s Jaydon Flett reports, CN is taking legal action anyway.


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  • Robyn L

    Uh, what?

    Well, what an opportunity to reveal the underworkings of the saying ‘stupid is as stupid does’. Outside of that, which issues can the Indigenous use this publicity for?

  • Curtis Nixon

    Of course CN declined to be interviewed. corporate scum.

  • Linda Parsons

    if this didn’t happen why would they be doing this. No grounds