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To live or not to live on Black Tickle island

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On Black Tickle there’s no sewage system, garbage pick-up or roads leading anywhere else.

When fish stocks collapsed on the island off the Labrador coast people started thinking about their future.

They even held a referendum to relocate.

APTN’s Ossie Michelin has been looking at life on Black Tickle and has this story.

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  • Lloyd Pardy

    Black Tickle is located on a large island named Isle of Ponds. On the Isle of Ponds it has one close neighbor named Domino.

  • Tony Snow

    If theres no way to earn a good living well its probally a good time to think about relocating..i know people want to hang on as long as they can but there comes a time and when you feel the time has come you have to do just that..