Tar sands provides “good foundation” for Fort McKay: Chief

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With the “Honour the treaties” – tour we’ve been giving lots of coverage to those who are against tar sands development.

But there are those who believe if done right the tar sands can mean jobs and prosperity and bring hope to their communities.

APTN’s Keith Laboucan explains what that means in this report.

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  • Tim

    Another sell out apple

  • don

    propaganda Health cost will out weigh any benefits, never mind clean up

  • kenzo

    catch 22…
    do we turn on our people or do we turn on the ones helping us…decisions

  • Melvin John

    When a People have been dispossessed from any real economic benefits they often feel a sense of empowerment even if it is only for a small space of time. The reality for this kind of thinking has to be given by a government willing to starve out its citizens to grab at anything rather than nothing. If your use to having no power at all and living on peace meal rations than having a full bowl seems a reasonable decision to make. First Nations need to be informed that the Land and Resources belongs to them and sometimes this is often not the case as policies are designed to make them feel it isn’t. Tar Sands development has more draw backs than positives and this should be a sign that there needs to be more decision to be made regarding the safety of its citizens. Carrying massive resource rich soul out of a once rich resource filled area can only spell disaster and leave a baron waist land filled with contaminants that will be considered sacrifice zones and communities forced to move.