Idle No More activist faced death threats, fighting ‘Goliath’ in court

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APTN National News
One of the only people charged during the rise of the Idle No More movement is speaking out about the civil suit he’s facing.

Ron Plain is an activist from southwestern Ontario and was involved in blocking a CN Rail line through his community.

Plain was charged after an injunction order was ignored.

APTN National News reporter Delaney Windigo has this story.

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  • wherebdangels

    chilling effects

  • Rightflanking

    I find your reporters use of terminology misleading. While I agree that Ron Plain shouldn’t be singled out in a civil lawsuit, I take exception to the assertion that he is charged.

    A civil lawsuit is not a charge.

    A charge is used in a criminal case to describe the indictments an accused faces.

    A civil lawsuit is between private parties and is usually looking for compensation on damages done or perceived done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alison.g.fuller Ngijaring Bukgadae Alison FUll

    These Idiot legal persons are really desperate, Ron Plain has a right to stop passage through his own country of those who have no permission!!!

  • Rightflanking

    Considering that I am a member of a First Nations Band I find it disappointing that you did not post my previous comment.

    It is disturbing but not unusual for Aboriginal groups to shun criticism even when they could benefit from it.

  • Reid Gilker

    Sounds to me like they are hauling him into a kangaroo court to face execution by using an illegal Saturday night written up court order, Issued by a Not so up standing judge who was in a conflict of interest for issuing it to start off with.

    I say First things First!, Do Things in Order!! disbar that former CN judge- lawyer that broke the law to begin with for issuing a court order when he damn well knew he was in a conflict of interest in doing so! Then fine the CN in court for having this guy write it up when they knew this Judge- lawyer was a former employee of theirs! Then after have the CN follow the same law process any other Canadian would have to follow.

    To me this whole thing should be thrown out of court on the grounds it wasn’t done right from the get go!!

    • Rightflanking

      See Aptn, this is what writing about the story incorrectly does, it upsets people unnecessarily.
      He is not charged by the order made by the judge. A charge is for criminal offences and brought by the crown.
      He is involved in a civil lawsuit with CN not the crown. All CN has to do is show damages to profit or reputation to file a lawsuit and they can file it against any person who was there. Either individually or as a group.

  • Ron_Plain