Examining the fragile relationship between Thunder Bay police and the city’s First Nations

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APTN National News
Last fall the fragile relationship between Thunder Bay police and the city’s Aboriginal peoples shattered.

That was after local cops issued a fake press release mocking the death of a First Nation man.

Now with allegations of a violent rape of a First Nation woman and how police are handling it, as well as others being dropped outside of the city the community is worried about the type of service they’ll receive from police.

APTN National News reporter Ntawnis Piapot was in Thunder Bay last week and has this story.

Caution: This story has strong language that may be offensive to some viewers.

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  • disqus_ruHCEqjdPg

    It is well known that Police do not like dealing with aboriginal people. It is also known that
    abuse does occur. (Starlight Tours) dropping intoxicated native men off out of town, sometimes in subzero temperatures. Some men have died, freezing to death. This occurs all across provinces in Canada. Since Idle No More movement, the Police now jeer at aboriginals in custody, etc – mocking Idle No More The stigma has existed for so long, it has become commonplace for the state of mind within the Police Departments.

  • Raven Linklater

    very good piece…. I just wish they would have included the part about us working with the Thunder Bay Police… we have had multiple meeting with the Aboriginal Liason from the Thunder Bay Police…. there are initiatives to rectify this situation….. and I commend the thunder bay police force for the help….. more specifically the deputy cheif Andy Hay and Larry Baxter….. There is HOPE

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.severight James Severight

    Third World conditions right here in Canada, these police conduct themselves as though we live in a Police state. It appears as though they continually deny First Nations their legal rights, ie: forcing their way into a home even when they were denied access, just sad to see. All First Nations that are treated this way in Canada must know their Constitutional Rights, and continue to stand up against this type of treatment. Police all across Canada, must be held accountable for their illegal actions. They are not above the LAW.