Senator Patrick Brazeau goes after Spence again, but this time had company

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APTN National News
Two federal Conservatives decided to take shots at Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence at a Tory fundraiser in Ottawa Tuesday.

Speaking at the event in the Orleans suburb Brazeau mocked Spence, the so-called Attawapiskat audit and First Nations.

Conservative MP Royal Galipeau represents the Orleans riding and said he met with Spence in December in her teepee. He mocked her manicured finger nails, saying his wife couldn’t afford them.

When reached by APTN National News Galipeau refused to comment on his speech but said what was published in the media was a matter of public record.

Neither Prime Minister Stephen Harper or Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan would comment on the speeches during Question Period Thursday when pressed by the opposition saying only the federal government continues to provide jobs for Canadians, including First Nations.

It wasn’t the first time Brazeau made comments about Spence. In December, he called her a bad role model for children in an interview with APTN. He was referring to her hunger strike that lasted 44 days. Brazeau didn’t return calls for comment.

Here is some of Brazeau’s comments courtesy of Ottawa reporter Nevil Hunt of Metroland News who was there with a tape recorder.


  • http://www.facebook.com/gail.jimmy Gail Hambler

    Seriously, manicured fingernails lol. Obviously MP Royal Galipeau couldn’t find anything to fight about so had to bring up fingernails ( that probably cost $20)…sad. Senator Patrick Brazeau….disgusting. He’s a major role model himself and yet he has the nerve to call Chief Spence a “bad” role model when he, himself, is doing the same thing by name calling and mocking. Practice what you preach. No one is perfect, so I suggest that you wach what you say Senator Patrick Brazeau. As for PM Harper, need I say more. His name alone is a disgrace.

  • willow

    Wow, And this is a Canadian Governemtn?

  • http://www.facebook.com/darlene.fefchukdustyhorn Darlene Fefchuk-Dustyhorn

    Wow – what professionalism – People in Our Country are suffering from Poor Leadership………….I hope we can all wake up next election and start changing things to give our Country a more positive outlook. This is very sad.

    • hinotes

      I have never been so ashamed of this country, during Chief Spence fasting for her people. I sent web sites and their comments overseas. They were shocked this was Canada. Those sites and comments rivaled. Goebbels propaganda machine and, his hate speech towards the Jewish people.

      F.N. parents sent their sons to war, right alongside my own brothers. The F.N, boys, were damned good soldiers and, excellent rifle shots. My brothers best army buddy, was a F.N. boy. They both played guitars and sang. The F.N. boys were appreciated overseas, as much as our own boys were. Sadly when they came home. The F.N. boys were treated like dirt again. Canada didn’t even have the decency, to recognized the F.N. for their war service. My brother was one, who fought for the F.N. recognition. Decades later, it was finally televised.

      In this province we appreciate, the F.N. people’s contributions. We appreciate, they watch over our eco-systems for us. We work on different projects together. We are supporting the F.N. on their fight against the Enbridge pipeline, which is a direct threat on F.N. food sources. The are greatly helping us all, to save this beautiful province.

      We supported Chief Spence. We know, she was speaking for all of us. Their was a wonderful letter of appreciation for Chief Spence. It was on the Montreal Simon web site. There is also, The Sixth Estate site. Laila Yuile, with many offshoots from those sites. We tried to send messages of support, however, National Post and CBC refused to publish them. We do care about the F.N. people, very much. We support them in every way we can. We would rather work with F.N. people, instead of against them. You do have friends out there, that appreciate all of you.

  • ******** ********

    Cowards always have to gang up, But a true hero can stand on their own

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.severight James Severight

    This type of small minded, childish behavior is typical of anyone connected to the CONservative party of Canada, Brazeau it is time for you to resign immediately and never to poison the streets of Ottawa again. The only joke that i see is the appointment of Senator given to you, by Harper and his puppets, your fellow Band members must be very proud of your actions and conduct. Canadian politics has hit a new LOW, and will continue to decline with the likes of Senators like this idiot (Brazeau). I was under the impression that Senators in this country were suppose to be Mature(not only in age, but in intelligence), they were to conduct themselves in a dignified manner as well, Brazeau has none of these traits. He shows the maturity level of a Junior High School student (no disrespect to students in Junior High School) and continues to bring even more shame to the Senate of Canada. Maybe Justin Trudeau damaged some brain cells, during their Boxing match.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alfie.mcdames Al McDames

    I think Trudeau needs to beat him up again…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Spence/100002369437950 Dennis Spence

    Patrick Brazeau will be sorry for his remarks later on when he finds himself alone,he thinks that he’s snug as a bug,but wait,his role as harper’s lap dog are numbered. He’s a total disgrace to call himself Aboriginal. He’s been stealing money,living the high life,however his,and daddy harper’s days are numbered. Time for Justin to show him some manners again.

    • Kokumtalk

      Who is this guy Patrick Brazeau? Is he even aboriginal…where is his respect…he should be ashamed of himself….his conduct towards an elder is disgusting and embarrassing!!!Why is this character even a senator…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560521769 Shandee Nabess

    Can APTN stop with the stories with Patrick. As far as I am concerned he is not a ndn. He is a embarrassment to us all.

  • disqus_vXSfE9kr8T

    What a hypocrite, what a shame, yes his day is coming soon..

  • Molly Isaac

    Dear APTN,

    I read today that the Harper Gov’t has just proposed a new bill for Senate Reform that would set limits of maximum nine years of service for Senators. For those appointed by Harper since 2008, the limited term would start from the date the bill is passed……. I would really appreciate an APTN interview with Patrick Brazeau to hear his views on the bill and his answer to the question that should it pass… -upon his termination , would he then consider the prospect of being a comedian ?



  • isabellarose

    omg! I guess brazeau is one of those good lil’ indian boys that has truly been assimilated, they killed the indian, but saved the man? what man? brazeau, is not a man, if he was a man of integrity he would never talk down as he does to a Chief? brazeau certainly gives no respect and will most certainly get no respect.

  • http://twitter.com/_MrsKrys_ Mrs.Krystɑl

    So unprofessional. Get rid of this guy. What positive contributions has this clown produced being in his position? Nothing.

  • hinotes

    I have never been so ashamed of this country in my life, during Chief Spence fasting for her people. I sent some of those web sites and comments, to friends overseas. They were shocked this was Canada. Those sites and comments were no better than…Goebbels propaganda machine and, his hate speech towards the Jewish people. I told them to pass the web sites along to others.

  • gmcdis

    A 30 year old Senator – named by Stephen Harper. Brazeau’s attendance in the Senate is dismal,and when a journalist reported his much less than 50% attendance, he called her a bitch in the media. Coo–what class!!! This is Harper’s type of class. Idiot!!

  • gmcdis

    Patrick Brazeau — the 38 year old Senator appointed by Stephen Harper in 2009. His attendance in the Senate is dismal and when a journalist reported this, Brazeau called her a “?itch” in the media. Coo – what class!!!! Harper style class.