Tea and songs instead of blockades

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APTN National News
The organizers of Idle No More are trying to turn away from divisive actions like road, rail and bridge blockades.

Instead, they want to show Canadians a lighter side.

In Edmonton, they were handing out tea and celebrating through Dene song and dance.

APTN National News reporter Keith Laboucan was there.

  • Dawn Delormier-smoke

    it all has its place, be it blockades, or tea or round-dances or education forums..it’s all good…

  • Erik Petersen

    In Sault Ste Marie, Ontario – the natives haven’t mentioned Bill C-45 once, it is like they don’t even know what they are protesting.

    They are blockading traffic and because of that, a lot of hatred and anger is being generated within the community. It is a very bad situation here and our local news website had to shut off the comments on a related story due to an alarming number of racist and hate-speech comments.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.graveline.3 Nick Graveline

    Good move folks! Far more good will will be generated this way!