Tensions rise as Idle No More rolls on

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APTN National News
An Idle No More round dance in Edmonton attracted two counter demonstrations during what was an otherwise peaceful protest.

In a separate incident a truck tried to drive through a protest, the second such time in the last week.

This comes as the Alberta justice minister said he’s angry with the protest tactics and is looking for ways to crack down on demonstrations.

APTN National News reporter Keith Laboucan has the story.

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  • Liam Babington

    There is great concern that such actions will escalate….hostility in either camp will not resolve any matters

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.cuthand John Cuthand

    Road and rail blockades are counter productive. We need to try some new peaceful tactics. Id go after systemic racism while stating the employer lacks the skills to work with FNs. Always attack. Simply stating our people are as good as their people is wimpy.State that their people don’t have the skills. Also federal transfers to non FN agencies is something not a lot of people know about. This would mesh well with the Feds claims around money spent on FNs. So much goes to nonFN agencies. Get in their face.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronone Ron Ball

    Alberta onlt likes pro petro or anti FN and anti green demos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loraine.alook Loraine Alook

    Seriously ! Well maybe in the interest of public safety u had better conduct another poll with Pierre pollivierre ( 3D contact inc ) . Then ask stockwell day , p.m Harper , Ted Morton . What about your constituents ?? Idle no more is not going to stop !! Who pulls your strings . What about drinkable h20 , Toxic spills , transportation of dangerous goods ( accidents) . Burn off from flares. At nights. The deliberate provocation of protesters is not going to work . Peaceful demonstrations will not stop , :)

  • Fred Dick

    Taz Bouchier seems to complain that anti idle no more people are showing up and protesting these annoying flash mobs. Taz, stuff it!!! I’ll be showing up in Saskatoons flash mob this friday and we will be protesting you and your ignorant, stupid tactics! And believe me, we are peaceful, too, but if any indian flash mobbers get in our face there will be a much bigger news story than just some indians beating on drums and getting in peoples way!

  • De

    Yep, the Harper Trolls are hard at work…These non native people want equality! But because they don’t educate themselves on what we are fighting for they assume we want more. All I want is for our treaty rights to be acknowledged. People just don’t get it…we are fighting for them, too.

  • Oemissions

    some persons out there just cruisin for a bruisin and will try to interfere
    media will be there for it and get the little stuff out to the public and front page

    • jabrrr


  • logey

    Ask the chiefs where the millions of tax payers dollars are going,then,maybe,like them,you can live the good life.