Canada's dealings with First Nations unfair: former INAC deputy minister

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APTN National News
The Idle No More movement has led Scott Serson to rethink his time as deputy minister of Indian Affairs.

“This has shaken my faith in our system. Our dealings with First Nations because I feel fundamentally it is not fair,” said Serson.

Serson served as deputy minister of Indian Affairs from 1995 to 1999.

Now watching from the sidelines, he’s appalled by the coverage of Idle No More movement, particularly the way politicians are handling it and the way Canadians are reacting.

“Not the government, opposition MPs; nobody seems to be willing to look at the basic unfairness of the current situation,” he said.

Serson said the unfairness is rooted in money.

In 1996, as a way to address the deficit, the Liberal government at the time imposed a 2 per cent cap on money transfers to First Nations.

Despite reaching a surplus, that in some years reached $12 billion dollars, that cap was never lifted.

APTN National News reporter Nigel Newlove has the complete story.

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