Attawapiskat Chief Spence set to end fast by Thursday

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APTN National News
Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence is set to end her fast by Thursday, APTN National News has learned.

A delegation of band councillors from Attawapiskat is expected to hand-deliver a letter to Spence Wednesday urging her to end her fast or face removal as chief of the community.

“They are coming in tonight,” said a source close to Spence. “Then it will end.”

Spence began her fast on Dec. 11.

Tuesday, she spoke to APTN National News about the Assembly of First Nations and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

  • Inkwench

    well that’s just not right….why the ultimatum?

  • bandmember

    I would like to see the chiefs have a set salery rates. For all band money spent I would like to see it go threw band members. Maybe its time to get a new grand chief. I would hate to see self goverment. It works on who you know. Chief should be in office at all times just like any other job. No one ever is in the band office. Hopefully these issues will be raised at the meeting as well. Thank you Spence for taking a stand on the issues

  • Headppin

    Spence could fast for month before dying so she is just wasting time when she could be doing something useful fr her community. I could offer several suggestions.

    • Elizabeth Kamalatisit

      you would not even know where to begin … its hard to work with your heart…. looking at numbers is easier…. history has shown that …. my number is 1447… and if ask… my name is elizabeth… i am 48… i have no children… but i care for all those that ask…. i work… i clock in but my number is listed…. i went to residential school learn things no child should learn… i lost my father when i was two… mom at 12… do you want to know more… my mother had to leave her first nation…. there was no housing…. oh but my number is 1447… i recieve 4 dollars a year… i have a status card thats saves me an average of 400.00 a year… and my story is milder than any other you will hear…

  • http://www.facebook.com/keith.fortin2 Keith Fortin

    You Chiefs and Theresa’s council should stay unified do not allow the Government to get their way she is the one who stood up for all First Nation’s do not allow yourselves to be pressured by other’s and how dare her council attempt to go over her head we the people of many Nation’s are counting on action she has proved to be strong allow her her right as Chief to continue till she is satisfied with the outcome do not make her retract herself until resolving the issue’s for the sake of our children and our children’s children stay strong and unite now more then ever do not sway each other off the beaten path or nothing will be resolved the govt ripped off my father and caused him his death they owed us 780000 dollars for building a 338 kilometer road under contract and they failed to pay I WANT OUR LAND BACK or to be paid for what I DID for the GOVERNMENT abandonment is what they did to me and 15 men at 45 below zero in the middle of nowhere they removed our global positioning system from our team rendering us unable to track our route and continue our work

  • Concerned Indian

    Disrespecting Chiefs is not my intention. Aboriginal people need to start electing highly educated, ethical Chiefs. Now I know some will say “you don’t need education”. I disagree. Being a Chief is essentially like being a CEO of a small or large company, depending on the reserve size. No one in their right mind would let someone with only a high school education be the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, that just doesn’t make sense. Even if one did slip through, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the said company went belly up.

    Yes I understand some Chiefs are grassroots, that’s totally understandable, but if that is the case they shouldn’t be concerned about managing funds, nor should they be bothered to do so. They should stick to their ambitions and work with people and be kept away from managing funds, unless they pursued the proper education. I agree anyone can try to manage funds, but without a proper education it is highly unlikely they can do it efficiently and productively.

    I hate that stereotype even portrayed by our own people that “our ancestors were not educated”. Our ancestors were learners and constantly evolved and searched for ways to do things more efficiently and productively If formal education was available to them at the time, they would have pursued it if it meant that they could help their people, I know that in my heart.

    Regardless of a Chiefs intentions, lacking the proper education will always hinder the efforts and goals for their community. Again no disrespect, rather just some food for thought.

  • bullrambler

    “A delegation of band councilors from Attawapiskat is expected to hand-deliver a letter to Spence Wednesday urging her to end her fast or face removal as chief of the community”. Makes me wonder where the councilors are coming from in their hand-written letter. Also, Chief Spence is right in saying that the National Chief and Prime Minster made a mistake in having a meeting without meeting the wishes of all the chiefs who could have gathered in assembly as a unified body. Perhaps the message was not conveyed effectively. Also the mistake of the Canadian Government in not having the Governor General Attend the meeting was a demonstration of political insolvency.

  • disqus_sR5ybupkRZ

    About time…This was never a hunger strike …it was a fast …I believe in our rights as a native ..person…go home chief Spence and re visit the deal Attawapskat made with Debeers….demand more from them or shut them down…after all they are in your back yard

  • Elizabeth Kamalatisit

    That really breaks my heart…. if sooo concern why not go see her… talk to her… why are you… her people doing things behind her back??? i worry about her health as her children… in respect we support her stand… a stand she has taken for you… I can’t help myself and forgive me but i am going to say it… is that quiet voice or the loud one in the group… the one that got a NO for a request; or didn’t get a new house because they already have one, maybe couldn’t get leadership due to lack of votes… this sounds fishy… it stinks… OUCH… I wish she was my chief

  • Gail Lindsay

    everyone wants to leave a comment and be a prophet while sitting on their ass/throne!

  • lindy

    Its a about time,elders from here said that she did alot but its was time to come back to the community ,thers lots of issues still need to be addressed like the elecation code which it was past by the community but the chief and council said NO to the code…