Increased police presence and helicopter join Winnipeg round dance

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APTN National News
Winnipeg played host to another Idle No More round dance this week.

That’s not surprising but what was above maybe was.

A helicopter circled the protest, while police were seen on nearby roof tops with cameras.

Police said it was for safety reasons.

APTN National News reporter Ntawnis Piapot has the story.

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  • Saskboy K.

    Sure, a helicopter will make protesters feel safe…

  • Brian Henderson

    safety reasons….lol…come on man……thats the best excuse they can come up with. How bout this…you were photographing certain people you plan on arresting later?

  • chris innes

    High time afn security service was developed to provide intel to our self governed


    • disqus_vdPrpreGEg

      not gust yet lets see where it goes

  • Edos

    “If I had a rocket launcher” Bruce Cockburn

  • Muskeg Moose

    Are the police even investigating those flyers? Distributing hate crime material right there.