Racial tensions rise along edges of Idle No More rallies

News that not only informs, but inspires.

By Ntawnis Piapot
APTN National News
WINNIPEG-A new blockade shut down Winnipeg’s busiest artery Wednesday.

Portage Ave., the main route to Western Canada, shut down by Idle No more, and the drivers left idling their cars got angry.

“I’m not any more special than them, they’re not any more special than me. Everyone’s equal,” says one middle-aged driver. “I can’t do something like that, neither can they. Everybody’s got to be treated equal and that kind of stupid stuff should not be allowed by anybody. Plain and simple.”

The man, however, admits he doesn’t know why the people rallying under the Idle No More flag are there.

“No, but it doesn’t matter,” he said.

His wife leans over and adds her opinion.

“We bear the brunt of paying tax money that is allowing them to live in this country and not work,” she says. “We are paying taxes for these roads that they are barricading and not allowing us to use.”

But the demonstrators would say she’s got things turned around, that it’s Aboriginal people that have let Canadians move in for 300 years. Today, they say, they have become second-class citizens on their own land.

“Hopefully people understand and hopefully people start to ask questions. Why? As their government, why? What’s going on? Why is this happening? Why can’t I get to point A to B?” said Idle No More supporter Nathan Felix.

Like most other peaceful blockades, this one will last only a few hours. However, that hasn’t stopped tensions from rising.

A pamphlet with the image of a middle finger and the word “Indian” was handed out at a New Year’s round dance.

Meanwhile, Sun News Network held a contest asking people to use one word to describe Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence, who is on day 23 of her hunger strike, and win a prize.

Some of the words used, included: fat, oink, garbage, chief two-chins and hippo.

Others couldn’t stick to just one word. One wrote, “Stop sucking Lysol.”

But with round dances and blockades popping up in busy city streets and shopping malls, Idle No More seems to be gaining momentum and some new supporters.

“It’s cold out here, they stand up in this cold out here, try to fight for their rights,” says one man.

“The issues of clean water, proper housing are issues for all Canadians and First Nations are entitled to get these grievances redressed and this silent peaceful, but very important protest is a place where we should be,” said Paul Moist, national president of CUPE.

With the racism that has started to surface at these rallies, some are wondering just how far the protestors are will to take this movement and if the police will have to get involved.



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  • jim

    This couple makes me ashamed to be canadian

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=889420586 Geoffrey King

    There are proper ways to get the attention. Address your MP, demonsrate at the Legislative Grounds but don’t block highways, railways and streets. This just iritates people wgo may have been on your side.

    • Denialawareness

      Geoffrey, yes that is true. However obviously all of the other possible methods to get attention have been ineffective. This is a desperate measure!

      • jabrrr


    • http://twitter.com/evilliciouss Yvonne Banning

      Are you under the mistaken impression that all of these avenues haven’t been explored? For an Aboriginal, just like many, justice is a hard fought battle. People don’t resort to extreme measures without first attempting the normal procedure. Do you really think writing a few letters will disuade the Gov’t from their greed? It hasn’t thus far. Harpers secret deal with China, the Alberta oilsands, the planned pipelines through our waterways and the ensuing environmental catastrophe certain to follow, will make a lot of money. Sadly, for many, money is the bottom line. Its a shame people dont think about the toxins we will be leaving behind for our children and their children. Cancer is escalating to endemic proportions. Perhaps this is due to the contamination of our environment?

    • relayer76

      Geoffrey, demonstrations and writing to MPs are not what will get the attention of this government or awaken people. This government does not listen to anyone, they have silenced scientists who work for the government. You and I pay for these people. Under previous governments Opposition MPs and the media were allowed to obtain information from them but the Harper government does not let scientists speak to anyone without a PR person there to watch that they do not stray from the government line. Harper even refused to attend the first ministers’ conference in Halifax this past summer. It was not really covered in the media but have a look at this great article: http://www.ipolitics.ca/2012/07/28/the-federation-strikes-back/

      We live in a dictatorship. Drastic action is necessary to awaken people. I do agree however that some thought needs to be given to not inconveniencing the general public too much. Perhaps rather than shutting down a road or highway completely, FN activists should consider a traffic slowdown, where they would simply stop traffic long enough to hand people and information flyer that outlines how C-45 impacts us all and asking for their support.

      • peter aningmiuq

        The rail way systems that were stopped were resources and cargo, not passenger trains. That is a get idea to hand out information pamphlets but that’s just using more non renewable resources.. Kinda. Keep doing what were doing and have patience, that is somethin that is ingrained into us aboriginals and first nations that were required for hunting and survival, we must be patient Nd be excited for when everything stars to roll nicely downhill in our favor against the government after we reach te top of that long treacherous mountain we are forced to climb in support of our given rights as human beings that the government is has been keeping from us for years

    • red bone

      whether you know it or not this is also about you idlers and your future generations! dude! so wake up!!educate yourself on these subjects don’t get left behind ! we are all in it together!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Piercedmetung02 Ray Paul

    Wait until the government turns the table on their own kind….then we will see what kind of ” peaceful protest ” the other nations hold.

    • Chyckyn Fynger

      they’re so indoctrinated, it’s unlikely they’ll notice.

    • relayer76

      The government has “turned the table on its own kind”. Everyone drinks water. C45 also eliminated the Fair Wages and Hours of Work Act, it raises the age of eligibility for OAS from 65 to 67 which impacts Canadians who are in occupations that are physically demanding which are lower paid workers and the people least likely to have pension funds and RSP. Pierre Poilivre’s private members bill seeks to destroy unions by repealing mandatory union contributions for union members.They have legislated Postal Workers and Air Canada workers back to work and made it easier for businesses to bring in Temporary Foreign Workers. Stephen Harper is not working for Canadians, he’s working for corporations.

  • Veronica

    Stick and Stones will never break me :P

  • Diane

    I was wondering how long it would take before racial slurs came out

    • Lily

      Racism has never left, it has been hiding behind fake smiles. You know how much people talk about ‘Indians’ and ‘Niggers’ around me? I am light skinned because my grandfather is European decent and people see me as ‘white’, and then ‘a good one, not a rezzy Indian’ once they realize my ancestry. Believe me, Diane, racism has never left.

    • Lauralee Proudfoot

      I actually think it is probably a good thing that it has in this case. Much easier to address things that are out in the open. And the fact that it has is a clear indication that people – all people – are paying attention to the movement.
      Many of the most ignorant & racist are beyond hope – but by spewing their filth they give us opportunities to educate others who may think those things but don’t have the poor manners to say them. Plus, they show those who are relatively neutral or supportive how important it is to become idle no more.
      I have been writing about some of the comments on my blog at icsoapbox.ca… if nothing else, they give me topics to talk about.

    • J SEVER

      The racial slurs are all over the place, facebook, youtube etc, they have been there for some time, go to the comment sections on first nation sites. It is not a pretty picture at all. It disheartens me to be subjected to these types of comments. Its also baffling how CANADA in the eyes of the world, are perceived as a country that are the CHAMPION OF RIGHTS when there is so much RACISM within our own borders. Where are OUR RIGHTS?

    • “Diane”

      Where have you been lady? Take your head out of your ass!

  • Karrie

    Unfortunately Canada is home to a lot of Racist people, racism is coupled with ignorance, ignorant people usually have little ability to reason or use good judgement and these are the people that tend to throw the first punch. I pray that those minds and hearts become open. We are at a cross road not just for indigenous rights but for the environmental well being of this land. Hopefully the people of Canada that believe that the acts of this government are detrimental to our future take a stand with those are that out there fearlessly standing up for what they believe in. As it has been said “silence is compliance”. Oh Canada our home is native land…..

  • analarkham

    we don’t know how most people feel. i wish they would print something supportive.

  • Priscilla Martin Doucet

    I was called worst than Chief Spence as a child. I was told by one of my teacher, I would never amount to anything because I had bad blood in my veins, I would only be a street walker! I was eleven years old when I was first called an Indian whore! So this was racial back then. This was racism at it worst, it is nothing new! There was nothing we could do except cry!!!

    • relayer76

      Deaer Priscilla, there will always be racists in the world and it pains me when I see racism. I would urge you to not take it too personally though. I have known a few racists in my life and what I have found is that they aren’t very discriminating – by that I mean they hate everyone. When they are not hating FN people they hate Arabs, Muslims, Jews, blacks. Fifty years ago they even hated Catholics, Italians, the Irish or “the French”. That is what they called me, a 10th generation Canadian. They are idiots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.mcgillivary Samuel Mcgillivary

    That’s Great !
    - The Message is Heard LOUD and CLEAR !

    - Very Nice !

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1354341984 Phyllis Racette

    We’ve been waiting way too long using the government’s ways to address the issues. The Sun news should be ashamed of themselves. These people are disgusting and I know they don’t represent the majority of Canadians. This fight is worth it because we are speaking on behalf of the generations to come. The racism-tinged comments are now going all over the world, thanks to the Internet. #IdleNoMore

  • http://www.facebook.com/LIBC1234 Lucie Bruce Cameron-Beardy

    I hate it when the more ignorant dominant people start using taxes as their reasoning, indigenous people pay taxes too.

    • Janet Cutter

      exactly!///we do pay our taxes….

      • lysoldrinkers

        no you dont

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=510871100 Harmony Sheila

          Here’s a nice stat 65% of Status Indians pay the same amount of taxes as all other Canadians. Not all Status Indians live on reserves. This is a fact that needs to be addressed. Also what makes non-natives believe that we do not work and contribute to Canadian Society, it’s really very sad. The ignorance.

        • Lorri

          i’m native and i pay taxes, that’s because i don’t live on a reserve.

    • darrell

      for sure money is everything they think

  • robyn

    well here in NB the First Nation people do pay tax when they go into a store and buy something so yeah we pay for roads too!!! there are some pretty strong misconceptions out there about FN people and you shouldn’t say something that’s not entirely correct because you are just making yourself look like a fool!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1654457381 Melba Sanoffsky

    Dec4 we had 2.5million rivers and lakes protected…dec5 we now only have 93 lakes 89 rivers and 3 oceans protected ??? this involves every single person on earth !! Wake up people..yellow black..white ..faces.. all over the world.. when the water is gone..The earth will die :( If you do not think that the FN are drumming and dancing for nothing.. think again..and then again.. Making racial slurs.. does not help your situation does it ?? what are you doing to help the situation ? What ? You and your family are going to die out like the rest of the world.. Do not be ignorant people ?? If Bill C 45 goes through Were all dead :( Get serious out there ! Wake up !! arpler sold Canada to China .. yOU NEED TO HELP instead of doing nothing but point fingers ! Melba

  • http://www.facebook.com/JenniferLynn79 Jennifer Lynn

    Disgusting…this is the reason that I truly felt the need to start this group: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/CanadianSolidarityWithoutPrejudiceAgainstC45/


    I am from Alaska and have been following this movement. There is support from some Tribes in Alaska and I would like to see even more support. Things have to change or all of North America will become a wasteland. I would like to leave you with these thoughts: May the decisions we make in life be guided by the wisdom of the owl, the strength of the grizzly, the cunning of the wolf and the sincerity of the eagle. May we forever walk in the light of the sun, while not being blinded b its’ brightness and may our good fortune be as everlasting as the rivers flowing endlessly to the sea.

  • Douglas Simpson-Dietrich

    Anyone who believes anything that comes from SUN News desserves to get their “news” from sources like that, and they aren’t worth worrying about. I’m a first-generation Settler-Canadian and I’m ashamed of what our government does and doesn’t teach us about the indigenous peoples of this country. I was raised with some pretty bad opinions of Native Canadians. Fortunately, I’m smart enough to educate myself and ultimately be grateful for my indigenous fellow-Canadians … the FIRST and only REAL Canadians. Stand strong. Be proud. Don’t give up! I whole-heartedly support Idle No More! Hit the Corporate Masters and their slaves in the only place they understand … their wallets! Keep up the blockades.

  • marina

    Bad Idea: Taking ignorant remarks about our people and our perceived status in Canadian society and internalizing these thoughts. Result- Anger
    Good Idea: Responding with peace and humility, understand that ignorance means that they just don’t know. Education is the answer. Result-An environment we want our children to grow up in.***IDLENOMORE!!!!!***

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.cowley.121 Steve Cowley

    C’mon APTN, get off your behind and get the facts straight, thanks for
    the coverage but reporting on press releases, i.e. the pamphlets,
    without any research to verify their authenticity? Take the
    responsibility of being the true voice of the people. Don’t be mislead
    by capitalists. Don’t be swayed by advertisers and what they think.
    Giving a platform to a couple of racists (for almost 30 secs.) to rant
    is not news. Giving a news corporate franchise some air time to promote
    their racist garbage is shameful. Don’t be Fox News. This Idle No More
    movement is a peaceful protest that will annoy and piss off a lot of
    people but we are about to be terminated and we’re running out of time –
    we don’t apologize.

  • http://twitter.com/deanjosephb Dean Joseph

    That lady’s general point is unfortunately correct. Aboriginals make far less income on average, so it’s pretty unlikely that they pay the same amount in taxes on average. Regardless of how this situation came about, it’s still true.

    No amount of ‘education’ or ‘peace and humility’ is going to give Attawapiskat or similar reserves an economy.

    If no one in their right mind would invest in your community, you are being subsidized by others.

    • relayer76

      All Canadians pay taxes based on their income. FN people pay less taxes because they make far less money. They make less money because they are less educated due to chronic underfunding of their schools and major social problems caused by generations of abuse in residential schools. As for those northern communities that don’t have an economy, many provide an important service to Canada simply by being in remote areas. China and Russia would love to get their hands on the Canadian north and “ownership” is to some extent determined by the presence of a population in the territory.

    • Denialawareness

      It’s not a matter of ‘no one in their right mind investing’ it is a matter of the wealth of this nation being based upon the natural resources we continue to extract from FN owned land.

  • Mohawk

    There’s lunatic racists everywhere! Just remember the race riots in the sixties and continue fighting for your/our cause. Look at what they accomplished back then. Hopefully no one ever has to fear for our safety while protesting, but I believe there are many,many more supporters than not. I’m willing to support for as long as it takes to save the earth….

  • http://www.facebook.com/meghanrobert Meghan Robert

    Educate the public and our children so that they understand why people have to protest. The issues of Idlenomore are many and they affect us all. But don’t blame the couple, it goes far beyond them. I feel sad when comments like that are said because it means that no one has shown them why they should be empathetic. One day I hope we all can share that state of mind.

  • yofal

    Still fanning the flames of ignorance hunh Sun? Isn’t going to work this time…predictable tactics from the establishment. They’re worried…

    • Lauralee Proudfoot

      I think their one-word ~game~ was an attempt to undo the damage of the surveys they posted asking people about Chief Spence and the Idle no more movement. In all 3 related surveys I saw, the support outweighed the no-doubt-expected responses. Must have irked them :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/dpackulak Darlene Packulak


  • http://www.facebook.com/shelina.wolfspirit Shelina Wolfspirit

    I am disgusted with the sun news. How disturbing. We are Rallying for ALL Nations, not just First Nations. What a pathetic, rude, racist, bigoted news item, that’s a new low, even for them, so ASHAMED that they did something like that, I WILL be sure to NEVER EVER purcahse ANYTHING that is in any way affiliated with sun. BOYCOTT!!!

    • relayer76

      They are no doing very well financially. The Ottawa Sun just laid off 100 people before Chrismas and the local racist Talk Radio station’s ratings have plunged since they fired their only decent talk show host because he had the nerve to speak up for Palestinians and criticize the Haper regime. He is now writing for ipolitics and wrote this excellent article earlier this week. It have almost 4000 facebook Likes. http://www.ipolitics.ca/2012/12/30/harpers-gamble-with-first-nations-rage/

  • Jacqueline Bisson

    This saddens me….and that woman….angers me!! I AM ABORIGINAL and I work and pay taxes too!! A lot of years have passed but I see that the stereo-types still run strong. I can make assumptions too, but I DO HAVE MORE CLASS than that whiny woman had sitting in that car making a statement about an entire nation that she knows absolutely nothing about. See how frustrated they got when they couldn’t have their needs met?? Which was basically to go down the street?? Well, imagine how she would feel if she met that type of resistance day after day, month after month and year after year?? I’m all for making use of our resources and moving forward, but NOT at the expense of destroying fresh water resources, communities and the environment. Taking care of the environment should always be top priority!! As far as her stereo-typing the aboriginal people…well, how would she feel if she was told she cannot live here and we’ll just round you and your people up and make you live here where we can continue to oppress your kind from becoming something more? Remember the 60′s scoop?? Ya, I’m one of those children that was taken away from her aboriginal family and put into hiding by that wonderful government that this woman is so proud of by giving them taxes. I was taken and was not allowed to know about my family, nor was my family able to know about me….my father knew, but he swore to secrecy. How would she feel if we had the power to do that to her child, take them away and not tell her anything about their where-abouts and try to destroy everything her child knew of their ancestry?? How would she feel about her government then?? Would she feel so proud of her government then?? Last time I checked, kidnapping is illegal!! So, I firmly support ‘Idle No More’ and their cause to fight bill c-45 and the NEVER-ENDING GREED that is within our government. It’s a shame that our government is ignoring the issues and choosing not to do anything about it until violence (out of frustration…and I pray to god that it won’t) will happen. Once violence becomes a factor….then and only then, will our COWARD OF A PRIME MINISTER go crying to the media!! Regardless of what people think….the ‘Idle No More’ rallies are happening to save EVERYONE from hardships that are headed our way when the government’s ONLY MOTIVE IS GREED!!

  • guess75

    If nothing else, this movement has exposed the simmering anger Canadians feel about this current system. Cleary something needs to be changed. To bad Harper feels he can change it without speaking to one, single Aboriginal. If it’s up to them we may have come up with a decent solution which *includes* their input. The nerve! I realize this is an impossible request, seeing as Harper will clearly let someone die before he actually lowers himself to speaking with a lowly Canadian citizen, with no oil rights. Afterall, all the woman wants to do is speak to him. I’d like to add: The World is watching this protest and the torrent of nasty and racist comments makes us look like a bunch of tittering housewives from The Help, draped in white sheets. It’s shameful. Shut up, racists. You’re making us look bad. Do some research on Bill C-45 and then run out and get that foot medically removed from your mouth, because that bill’s gonna burn you too! Furthermore,References to her weight makes you look like ignoramous’s….so don’t pat yourselves on the back, for your witticisms, just yet. Okay. I’m done now.

  • MurrayinToronto

    One word for Sun News – “Racists”

  • http://www.facebook.com/pelletier.cher Cheryl Pelletier

    Really? I’m equal to everyone here in Canada? Hmmm…I tried hard to apply to all sorts of Crown corporations…one Human Resource manager ran from me, literally, when I tried to question his reason for not accepting my job application. And these Crown corporations promote employment equity. :P I’m wondering ‘why’ all these immigrants and Muslims given every opportunity to succeed in this country over me. They get training, job opportunities to enjoy the riches of Canada…they get $10,000 for just coming here and their elderly automatically eligible to old age pension. Here is a little known statistical fact here in Saskatchewan…the total cost spent on tax exemption for Native peoples is $60 million and tax exemption for farmers is $250 million. All of you who complain you are paying money for Native peoples are so misinformed. I don’t hear anyone complaining about all the money farmers are exempt from paying. I want to drive a new car or own a new home just as much as anybody. And yes…I pay taxes too.

  • gina

    Wow! This woman has the BRUNT to pay taxes that ALLOWS Natives to live on their own soil? I’m a Native business owner in California and pay taxes, I have worked hard for what I have and have taken no handouts. It seems as though her sense of entitlement has clouded her thinking ability, what a pathetic individual!

  • http://www.facebook.com/myrna.abraham Myrna Rize Abraham

    sad that ppl for got where they came from n y they are in native land

  • James Robertson

    I agree with Karrie there are many Racist people on both sides of this Issue Idle No More, even though I am not a Treaty Native, I realize that the White Man bought on these problems by treating the Indian person unfairly..and I feel our Canadian Gov’t
    Would like nothing better then to kill off the Indian person by any means even if if means calling in the Army..
    Unless cooler heads prevail that is exactly what will happen and there will be many innocent people hurt or maybe even killed..
    Also Mr. Harper as a Prime Minister you should be completely ashamed of your self, you are a disgrace.

  • James Robertson

    I for one am ashamed of our two faced Prime Minister..He is a total disgrace and secretly I think he would like to get rid of the Native person..There are many Racist
    People on both sides of this issue #Bill C-45 and unless cooler heads prevail then
    There will be blood shed and the Army will be called in–
    Shoot people they will and do not ever think they will not do this and Mr. Harper like Obama will sit back and laugh while playing both sides one against the other..
    Bill C-45 effects every one if passed–our land-water-the Environment-the Air we breathe and with out water no one will win..

  • wade nepinak

    omg this is a ignorant video. How ignorant of these immagants to say white people allow us anishinabe people to live in our own country, so what if they pay taxes on out land. We allow white people to live on our Native Land ( Kanata) means our home. We should be set priority in our counrty or they should go back to England Or africa Where ever there ancestors come from. The nerve of racist people! Us Anishinabe people are not immagrats who are from this country. What a Insult & racist comment. We were here and this land was to be shared with the government and yet we are getting Ripped off and treated like people are in 3rd world countries. Our people ( native people) should not be living poorly like we are. The Government are breaking there promises that were made many years ago to be shared. Not to be stolen! They are so quick to charge people for breaking the law and look what they are doing to native people> What a disgrace! What ignorance< They cannot even abide by there own laws. If they dont prioritize native people and abide by there promises that were made many hundreds of years ago they should. Be Chaged for breaking there own law. If not just change the name Canada to something else. Because this is the home of native land. Kanata ( mean`s our home) They should be ashamed to even wonder in our Native Country

  • http://www.facebook.com/wamblisnest Dennisl Shane

    it is sad that we still have racist and to make a comment like that and not be aware of the issues shows they arent paying attention to the issues stay strong for the future of our children

  • Greg

    Hate of any form is redundant

  • disqus_YlaSGu7kfr

    Why are you focusing on haters… nice… not really.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xavier.ratt Xavier Ratt


  • http://twitter.com/ZorroIsGod ZorroIsGod

    Idle No More may suffer the same fate if the movement fails to focus on a noble goal: Creating more awareness about Canada’s obligations toward all of its citizens.

    ===news clip…..

    lol…. ohhhh yes the Nobel goal…. yet its not the trade treaty of the Host and guest relation…. it erases the host… and claim the need to control all and put the host in the closet… greed… we know you don’t…hog town

    Idle No More is pointing out the broken rules and the cause and effect to the broken rules…. then let it go….dance

    never vote in their scams its built on broken treaty relations…. rather state why would vote in a system built on our extermination…. should you not respect our elected leaders…. see even if you do work as an an MP they loop hole you out … its all rigged…

    like the Queen is bound to our trade treaty not our head of state is she…

  • trudyf2000

    Hate rag I hope your charged and sued out of business. Btw I am white tax ,paying and Canadian born.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kerry.a.willcox Kerry A Willcox

    It is unfortunate that we must stand together and protest for decent shelter, medical care and education, while there are more people in Canada on social welfare than there are in all First Nations Communities, We are not calling them names, we want to be treated decently, So while they sit in their nice warm houses with the windows wide open and the heat cranked up because they get their heating oil for free and watch netflix all day, we stand in the cold to make everyone aware of the differences we face,,

  • Fennec

    @ James Robertson – If there were to be any violence allegedly by First Nations, I would immediately suspect it to be a false flag operation on the government’s part. We don’t own Kalashnikovs; This is not Oka. Violence is abhorrent. I once wanted to join the Canadian Forces because of its (empty) promises, but fortunately decided it would be too restrictive. Also, it would be a waste of life to kill and die in some rich elite’s imperialistic wars. Soldiers have to be spineless to follow such BOGUS orders.

    I do agree to an extent that there are racist people on both sides… I always try to enlighten FNs that hold prejudices toward Muslims (please think of the Palestinians and note, Islam is a religion). However, we are not the ones with colonial or white privilege in a country with nothing but a long history of institutional racism. Racism in Canada is not ancient history, or something committed long ago, so we should “get over it”. It’s here, in the present. People who believe that we are indeed, all treated equally, are either in the dark like the couple in the car, or in denial.
    (U.S. citizen perspective, but I think it still applies.)

    The Seven Teachings – Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth; None of which seem to be compatible with the Canadian government.


    It still amazes me how some canadians think and rationalize their oppostion to a cause they admit they have no knowledge of. I found it funny how the male in the car had to help finish this womans sentence, trying to speak quietly so the microphone wouldnt pick up words lol.. Its obvious they had some discussion prior to being interviewed on this matter, its unfortunate they failed to educate themselves on the issues. This unfortunately is the mentality of many canadians right across this country. How do we educate these ignorant people that we as first nation people do pay TAXES, and that we are productive members of Canadian society. The new BUZZWORD now is exactly the statements made that they have a bigger burden to bear because they pay more taxes,because they have a higher income level. It is unfortunate that many Canadians live their daily lives in this ignorant manner. I also find it appalling that these people, try to degrade and lessen the value of other peoples lives, by continuosly believing that their life is worth more because they pay more TAXES. They must also be reminded that their road runs through First Nations TRADITIONAL TERRITORY. What was there first the ROAD or the TRADITIONAL TERRITORY.

  • mady

    what’s with these all these immigrants? I pay taxes for the work i do off the reserve. i pay taxes when i buy stuff out in the white world to all those corporations and to the governments. i live in a 3 bdrm house on rez that was built in 1969.

  • Lorri

    Someone needs to slap a textbook in those peoples hands and give them a history lesson!.ugh! such ignorant people!

  • Ed Azure

    Racists are people too…..there will always be racists…like there will always be gangster, murderers, rapists, abusers of all races of humankind….these are simply benchmarks/beacons/teachers of how NOT to be towards others….nobody is God….No two-legged is God….all we can do is recognize who these people are and avoid them….we can kill them or do them harm in any way….we can draw life from them..good life on how to properly behave as a human being….remember the pipe laws,,,,the Creator’s laws whether you know him as Allah, Jesus or whatever….

  • http://twitter.com/HalfwaytoGone1 HalfwaytoGone

    Why is native pride an exceptable slogan? If I feel anything but white guilt I’m called a rasict…
    Things have changed in the ast 300 hundred years! Lets start by agreeing on that and strive for a sustainable future for all of us!

  • Lyle North-Wind Richards

    One Word: Your Landlord

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Roberts/100003583445675 Chris Roberts

    Inspirational words from the late Russell Means: “I
    don’t want to be remembered as an activist. I want to be remembered as an American
    Indian patriot.” http://fb.me/1HyZMx339

  • Kieronichee

    I would like to state that ignorant people on both sides of the issue just play into Harpers hands. Lets not get bogged down with taxes and who was here first, lets address the real issues, Housing, education, poverty, to name just a few. I support the movement but I also incourage people to look at the big picture, not to be brought down to the level of useless name calling and a increase of racism on both sides.

  • http://www.facebook.com/denise.a.daniels.1 Denise Ann Daniels

    that lady in the van sure had he nerve to say what she as said,”we allowed them to live here” what the hell is she saying we were always here,and we allowed them to live here,just makes me sick ,,,she doesn’t realize this effects her and her children when it comes to clean drinking water and proper lands to grow food on to fill her racist mouth,,,

  • darrell

    i hate when non natives think were just in the way of them all the time or taken up space they are never gonna change i hate it when they think were just a second rate species luckyly we id;le no more are more we will end all n start all i am first nations n i am proud never mind those who oppose

  • fayefaye


    In response to the article:


    It seems that the Harper Government is more than happy to remain quiet on the “Idle No More” movement and it’s objectives. I can only speculate as to why they are seemingly avoiding it. After seeing your report on the rise of racial tensions in the midst of the movement, I have a sneaking suspicion that they would rather have the population of Canada see this movement as a Native Issue, rather than have Canadians see the actuality of what is happening to our Country.

    I’m certainly no expert, nor am I an activist, but as a citizen of Canada I am extremely concerned with Bill C-45 and the changes being made especially to our environment:

    “The changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act are a prime example of Conservative mismanagement. The government has determined, with the exception of a list of three oceans, 97 lakes and 62 rivers, that the Act will no longer automatically apply to projects affecting waterways. This will leave thousands of waterways unprotected, meaning fewer environmental reviews by Transport Canada.” http://www.irenemathyssen.ca/post/in-debate-c-45-omnibus-on-pensions-and-navigable-waters

    That concern is heightened knowing that there are many proposed projects that will jeopardize the now unprotected waterways. The proposed Enbridge and Keystone XL pipelines are to cross over 800 waterways, through earthquake zones and very sensitive ecological areas. Everyone has seen what can happen in an Oil Spill Disaster, and there are reports that should an Oil Spill occur it would wipe out any profits of an Enbridge pipeline and ruin the BC Coastal areas. I’d hate to think what it would do to the tourism industry, not to mention people that have purchased property on the coastline, their property and business values would plummet. That does not sound like just a Native Issue to me, it concerns all property and business owners that would be in the path of a corrosive bitumen pipeline.

    I’m also concerned about the proposed Izok Lake Zinc Mine to be built in Nunavut:

    “Izok Lake would have five separate underground and open-pit mines producing lead, zinc and copper. Another site at High Lake, 300 kilometres to the northeast, would have another three mines.”

    “MMG plans a port there that could accommodate ships of up to 50,000 tonnes that would make 16 round trips a year — both east and west — through the Northwest Passage.”

    “Izok Lake would be drained, the water dammed and diverted to a nearby lake. Three smaller lakes at High Lake would also be drained. Grays Bay would be substantially filled in.”


    How would four diverted lakes, a filled in Bay and five new Izok Lake Mines affect the waterways, the local environment and species, and the people? Opening a Northern Port to accomodate the mining ships could also jeopardize our National Security, could it not? Wouldn’t that be of some interest to all Canadians?

    It seems that the majority of Canadians that understand what is happening to our environment are willing to support the “Idle No More” movement, as well as many Unions and Companies that see the changes made through Bill C-45 as detrimental to Canada as a whole. There are people showing support throughout the world on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. People worldwide that are expressing their support in various ways with their own signs and flashmobs. They understand that the reason the Native Peoples are protesting is to save their Land Use Rights, to have stewardship over their environment that they have loved and lived on for generations. They don’t want to see Treaty Lands and waterways, that are currently protected, be decimated by Big Industry. The impact will be terrible for every Canadian. Yes the Native People are calling attention to this issue but it is not just “their issue”, it’s an issue that will haunt Canada for years to come.

    I applaude the “Idle No More” movement, and their supporters worldwide for bringing to the open, a very important issue. Let’s hope people enlighten themselves on the facts and put away the racism and ignorance. The people of Canada that are creating racial tension over the peaceful protests and occasional blockade need to wake up to the reality of what is happening. But with the Harper Government continuing it’s silence on this matter it seems that they are content to let this pass by as a “Native Only Issue”, when in reality it is the start of the destruction of the Canadian Landscape.



  • fem_progress

    *facepalm* This couple makes me ashamed of being a “paleface”. Such ignorance. OMG.