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Mulcair calls on Harper to heed Idle No More and commit to reconciliation

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OTTAWA–NDP leader Thomas Mulcair called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to “act” swiftly, listen to the message from the Idle No More movement and re-engage with First Nations people to avoid a potential “personal tragedy” unfolding on Victoria Island in Ottawa where Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has entered the eighth day of a hunger strike.

Spence has been on a hunger strike to force a meeting between the prime minister, the governor general and First Nations leaders to discuss the treaties.

The PMO has indicated it’s unlikely Harper would participate in such a meeting and Gov. Gen. David Johnston refused to answer questions on the issue Tuesday.

Mulcair wrote a letter to Harper Tuesday calling on the prime minister to re-engage with First Nations peoples while the chief from the impoverished northern Ontario First Nations continues a hunger strike and protests sweep across the country.

“As you know, Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat First Nation has also embarked on a hunger strike, living in a (teepee) on Anishinabe traditional territory of Victoria Island in the Ottawa River, barely a kilometre from Parliament,” wrote Mulcair, who is leader of the Official Opposition. “I ask that you please act swiftly to avoid a personal tragedy for Chief Spence.”

Mulcair said in his letter that it was time for the Harper government to truly commit to “reconciliation.” Mulcair said the prime minister should take the Idle No More rallies seriously and honour the commitments he made during last January’s Crown-First Nations gathering.

“From coast to coast to coast, an unprecedented wave of grassroots action is sweeping across First Nations communities,” wrote Mulcair. “When you met with First Nations leaders less than a year ago, you committed your government to working in partnership with First Nations Canadians. The #IdleNoMore protests are proof that Aboriginal Canadians are demanding you fulfill that solemn commitment.”



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  • Guest

    Home and Native Land..not according to Harper!

  • Barbaranne Wright, UE, PLGS

    Home and Native Land!!! Not according to PM Harper!

    • analarkham


    • Chris Brown

      our home on native land.

      • Barbaranne Wright, UE, PLGS

        No that I do not agree with, we can share fairly, but the word is FAIRLY!

  • analarkham

    I offer my support to this movement. I might be able to protest; can support protesters with a little money and some goods. Please advise, fellow humans, if you know how those of us outside Canada can help these people make their dreams come true in favor of the dreams of capitalists, which suck.

  • Darryl Paquette

    2013 should be fun

  • julien pleizier

    I think NDP leaders should out harper from his seat and take control. Find dirt on Harpers party and use it to destroy his party.

    • carline

      tyvm fr. elsipogtog first nation

  • Christopher McLeod

    Good job on the Opposition Party and the letter to the “Harper Government”!

  • Terence Stone

    With you First Nations. Some may see the challenge to Harper just for the benefit of First Nations; but I feel the heartbeat of First Nations in the drum and the Earth. IThe dying pulse of of a Canada used and abused needs reviving by First Nations. We need you to lead us misguided daughters and sons of Colonists back to a relationship with everything that exists including each other. I’m ready to walk with you First Nations.

  • Annette Cyr

    I just have one question…… why doesn’t Mr. Mulcair take that 10 minute walk himself and meet with Chief Spence? I think that would make a bigger statement than just sending a letter to the PMO.

  • creemancan

    Why does he have to refer to us as Aboriginal Canadians we never agreed to be Canadians your are on the same side Mulclair…shut up and go to a First Nation community and learn something…

    • nawkwez

      I find this negativity inappropriate. I like to congradulate this leader for actually seeing and caring for what needs to be done here. Yet, Im really hoping he(ndp leader) isnt just yanking chains here and did write a positive letter. I also agree that the opposing government should run Harper out of parliment. And I would also like to say the people of this should listen/read more into the news from everywhere about what mister Harper has actually been doing.

  • YetiHunter

    What a joke…she wants a blank check and no accountability. Stamping your feet and holding your breath gets you nowhere

    • Kimberly Knockwood

      You need to learn. About hour PM and what he is doing his to OUR land…U live here too right?!? Or u must be all about making money and screw the earth! It’s not about throwing a tantrum…U my dear are sooooo misinformed! Plz re-educate yourself before you open that so called mouth U kiss your mama with! Lmao

  • Dwayne Eagle Child

    IF the leader of NDp wants an ear he should go an visit with Chief Spence at the lodge and do it in person otherwise its just rhetoric with no support. He has an opportunity here with the FNs across Canada to show NDP have policies that support FNs in Canada. When that is done – then there can be a true NDP address.

  • Jim Constant

    Haper is a coward and I personally cannot take any more of him. I am furious. Even beyound explaination.