Senator Brazeau “confident” he’ll be cleared in living allowance probe

Senator Brazeau “confident” he’ll be cleared in living allowance probe

APTN National News
OTTAWA–Embattled Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau says he is confident a three-person Senate panel created to investigate his use of a $20,000 living allowance will clear him of any wrongdoing.

The panel is comprised of Conservative Senator Elizabeth Marshall, who is the chair, Liberal Senator Larry Campbell and Conservative Senator Gerald Comeau.

The Senate committee on internal economy, budgets and administration created the bipartisan panel after a CTV report questioned whether Brazeau was eligible to receive the allowance by claiming a home in Maniwaki, Que., as a primary residence.

The CTV report said Brazeau also lives in a rented house with his girlfriend in Gatineau, Que., which sits across the Ottawa River from Canada’s capital city.

Brazeau said in a Twitter message to APTN National News that he welcomed the investigation and he was confident it would clear him.

“I welcome it,” said Brazeau in the Twitter message. “I am confident it will clear me.”

Brazeau, an Algonquin Senator, is currently leading a Senate human rights committee study into off-reserve First Nation people.

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  • Sum12

    This sorry excuse for a Senator takes $150,000 yearly from Canadian taxpayers in salary and a housing allowance for claiming a residence which neighbors say he doesn’t really live at and which is at most only a couple hours’ drive from Ottawa, doesn’t show up for work the large majority of the time Senate is in session, and, best of all, reportedly on holidays has to go to his supposed home and bake meatpies to sell at a local bar to make enough money to meet his financial obligations. Oh Canada….

  • disqus_tVgH6YljsA

    They should be paid by the hour, for hours attended!

  • Azaeleaprawn

    It’s only proper that his actions using the housing allowance be looked
    at under a microscope just as any other parliamentarian be looked at for
    any other kind of abuse of taxpayer funded programs as Canadians are
    sick an tired of parliamentarians having their hamds in our pockets.

  • Darryl Paquette

    Just had a thought What if the native population all
    voted for the Green Party really what else have we have to

    After all aboriginal share of Canada’s population – 3.8 per cent
    that would stir things up & all the mudslinging in parliament instead of
    working as they should
    be doing might get something done have you ever tried to
    watch how they bickering .will the speaker ask the environment
    minster explain on how he allowed this get past his desk. , mister speaker
    we have come to the conclusion that the members did not have all the
    information at hand & we are still looking into this matter.

    In most worlds it
    means I came unprepared.

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