Controversial police clerk faces tough questions over handling of missing women calls

APTN National News
At the Missing Women’s Inquiry in Vancouver, testimony heated up Monday as the former civilian desk clerk for the Vancouver police department, Sandy Cameron, took the stand.

Cameron was the person who took the calls from family members about their missing loved ones.

We’ve heard lots of testimony from family members and police witnesses who say she was at times condescending and unprofessional.

On the stand, Cameron adamantly denied that she ever told family members that their missing daughters were, “just out partying and would eventually show up.”

Cameron says she personally handed out posters for missing persons all around the downtown eastside.

Lorelei Williams says when her aunt Dixie tried to report her daughter Tanya missing, Sandy Cameron told her, “If you were a better mother your daughter wouldn’t be missing now.”

Cameron adamantly denied this claim.

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