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3 women from same reserve vanished from same Winnipeg street

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APTN National News
Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Winnipeg asking for help in finding three women who have vanished.

All three women came from the same northern reserve and all went missing on the same city street.

APTN National News reporter Meagan Fiddler finds out that the families believe the disappearances are connected.

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  • jesse1111

    the times have to change,,being a 1st nation person is equality not damnation ,the past has to change ..the white canadian has to open up his and hers thinking.i do ,why cant the rest..iam tired of hearing some one turning up dead or disappeared..whats going to happen is an eye for an eye and then we have a race war…and its coming ..iam hopeing that we as a people can work it out.Or life as we know it will become a civil war between the races.white against the rest.
    times have to change..real soon.