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Have you seen Lorna Blacksmith?

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APTN National News
A young Aboriginal woman from Winnipeg has gone missing.

Now police are asking for public assistance in locating her.

Lorna Lynn Blacksmith, 18, was last seen leaving the Marlborough Hotel in downtown Winnipeg on Jan. 12.

She was wearing a red jacket, a white hoodie, black pants and white boots.

She’s described as 5’4 with blond hair and hazel eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to call Winnipeg police or crime stoppers.

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  • david_seegerts

    Winnipeg Police won’t do anything!! There is a serial killere in Winnipeg and like Robert Pickton the police will protect him like they did Robert Pickton… What is wrong with this country and these white people who feel the sick need to kill someone weaker than them?