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Female RCMP officer says male colleagues told her they fantasized serial killer Pickton would gut her like a pig

Female RCMP officer says male colleagues told her they fantasized serial killer Pickton would gut her like a pig

(Cpl. Catherine Galliford.Photo by Renegage98 Flickr)

APTN National News
The female RCMP corporal who announced the arrest of Robert Pickton says fellow male officers told her they fantasized that the serial killer would break out of prison, track her down, strip her naked, hang her from a meat hook and gut her like a pig.

RCMP Cpl. Catherine Galliford, the former face of the Missing Women’s Task force, said RCMP officers also made jokes about sex toys and gave each other fist pumps after details began to emerge about what happened to the women Pickton butchered.

Police found a gun with a dildo strapped to the barrel in Pickton’s trailer.

Galliford, in an interview with the Vancouver Province newspaper, said RCMP and Vancouver officers watched porn and left work early to “go drinking and partying” instead of investigating the disappearance of women in the Downtown Eastside.

Galliford, who has been on sick leave for four years, told the Province she would be testifying on behalf of victims in January at the Pickton inquiry which was tasked with finding out why it took so long for police to catch the serial killer.

Galliford said she faced years of harassment from male officers and superiors on the force.

Her allegations are contained in a 115 page statement submitted to the RCMP.

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  • Anonymous

    Good for Ms. Galliford for coming forth and doing the RIGHT thing. This sort of treatment by male officers is atrocious. We expect ‘Canada’s Finest’ to protect women from crime. That is their JOB. How can we trust them to protect women when we see them harassing the very women they work with? The attitudes of men must change or this behaviour will continue. Women are paying with their lives!!! Time for a change.u00a0

  • scottie pringle

    They are equal opportunity Police.u00a0 makes it easier to handle when it happens to us I guess..It would appear that they ( the rcmp) haven’t changed over the hundred years plus of brutality. u00a0 after all,u00a0 they were originalyu00a0 a bunch of murderous bullies, traded off a trip to Australia, for a stint in the then undeveloped wilds of Ruperts Land , To co-erce or kill ANYBODY not desiring to trade furs with England.u00a0u00a0 the monarchy Bunch at it yet again..That is where incest lands you…