Every Saturday morning while Amy visits her Granny, she and her two friends, Casey and Theodore, are whisked off into the magical world her grandmother's stories of traditional Aboriginal legends.
Sundays (in Coast Salish)
8:48am ET on East and HD
8:48am MT on West
Follow the delightful animated adventures of Bizou, a cheerful little Aboriginal princess who takes children on a journey into the animal kingdom.
Saturdays (in English)
7:58am ET on HD
6:50 & 7:13am MT on West
6:52 & 7:15am CT on North
Sundays (in Cree)
7:37 & 8:02am ET on East
7:37 & 8:02am ET on HD
7:37 & 8:02am MT on West
Saturdays (in French)
6:23am ET on East and HD
Sundays (in French)
6:25am am ET on East and HD
Doggy Day School is the home away from home to a lovable crew of dogs and their caretaker. Every day the dogs spend their time playing together, learning about each other and the world around them, and getting in - and out - of merry mischief.
Saturdays (in English)
9:36 & 9:48am ET on East and HD
6:00 & 6:12am MT on West
9:36 & 9:48am MT on West
9:36 & 9:48am CT on North
A group of young teens wake up from a deep, cryogenic sleep to discover that civilization has been destroyed and they are forty-one million years in the future!
Sundays (in Cree)
9:11am ET on East and HD
9:11am CT on North
9:11am MT on West
Inuk is an 8-year-old Inuit boy with special powers. Destined to be a shaman, Inuk's adventures reveal both his abilities and the importance of helping and family.
Saturdays (in English)
9:10 am ET on East and HD
9:10am MT on West
9:10am CT on North
Sundays (in English)
7:09am MT on West
Sundays (in French)
7:12am ET on East and HD
Matthew Carver, is a 16-year-old Algonquin boy who’s destined to become the super-hero Kagagi. He must stop his pre-destined, arch-nemesis, The Windigo from destroying the world and gaining universal power.
Sundays (in English)
9:34am ET on East and HD
9:34am MT on West
Louis, an Aboriginal elder who speaks mostly Cree, has recruited Randy, a 10-year old boy who speaks only English, to help him with his work. Every day Louis gives Randy a task. But there is one problem: How can Randy help Louis if he can't understand his instructions?
Saturdays (in English)
8:49am ET on East and HD
8:49am MT on West
8:49am CT on North
Sundays (in Cree)
8:25am ET on East and HD
8:25am MT on West
7:32am CT on North
Viens t'amuser avec Mouki et ses amis. Mouki est un raton-laveur qui aime chanter, danser et rigoler. Il adore ses amis, Alexandra et Maxime. Avec eux, Mouki vit plein d'aventures et fait des découvertes étonnantes. Mamie-Rose les accueille affectueusement dans sa cour réalise des activités et elle leur réserve de belles surprises.
Saturdays (in French)
6:00am ET on East and HD
Sundays (in French)
6:00am ET on East and HD
Young people learn about Inuit tradition and culture, as well as various outdoor survival skills, then get an opportunity to showcase what they have learned.
Mondays (in Inuktitut)
10:00, 10:30am & 8:00 & 8:30pm CT on North
Thursdays(in Inuktitut)
8:00pm CT on North
Tuesdays (in Inuktitut)
6:00 & 6:30am ET on East
6:00 & 6:30am ET on HD
6:00 & 6:30am MT on West
Takuginai teaches cultural values such as respect, sharing and patience. Young hosts and puppets, such as "Johnny" the lemming, also teach Inuktitut numbers and syllabics.
Saturdays (in English)
7:37am & 8:00am ET on East
7:37am & 8:00am MT on West
7:37am & 8:00am CT on North
Sundays (in English)
6:00 & 6:23am CT on North
6:00 & 6:23am MT on West
Kimmie and Jason have a secret - whenever all the adults leave the room, their plush toy wolf Tiga comes to life to teach the kids all the stories, sounds and languages he has learned from their Kokum.
Saturdays (in English)
7:37am ET on HD
Sundays (in English)
6:46am MT on West
6:46am & 7:09am CT on North
T-Bear, Talon, and Raven are growing up in the remote northern community of Wapos Bay and learning about their unique way of life.
Sundays (in Inuktitut)
9:04am CT on North
Raven Tales follows the misadventures of Raven and his friends Eagle and Frog among the first people and the strange creatures at the beginning of the world.
Saturdays (in French)
7:10am ET on East and HD
Sundays (in Cree)
9:27am CT on North